What can I do to Save OOSH?

What can our OOSH Service do to stop this change?

Tell the Premier and the Minister that you support parent-managed OOSH Services and ask them to reverse the change of policy.

You can help Network oppose this change in policy by contacting the NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet here and Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning Sarah Mitchell here .

We have created a public petition at change.org where you can quickly make your opposition to this change clear – we encourage you to sign and share the link with parents at your Service and on social media.

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Be a part of the movement to Save the OOSH Sector from the devastating policy shift by the NSW Government. Don’t miss out on important updates and resources to Save the NSW OOSH Sector.  Click here to join our mailing list.


Download the Save OOSH resources to use on your Facebook, at your OOSH Service, or to contact your State Member of Parliament.


Share your story about your OOSH.

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What can we do to protect our rights with regards to our OOSH’s assets?

For Incorporated Associations (which includes almost all parent-managed OOSH services) your Constitution sets out how the assets of your Association are divided in the event of the wind-up of the Association. Our interactions with Services have indicated that many OOSHs and parent volunteers anticipate that they have more freedom with regard to the OOSH’s assets (including cash) than they actually do. Learn more about what you can do to maximise that freedom and protect your rights with regards to your OOSH’s assets here. Whether you wind-up or continue operating, this is a prudent step to take.


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Network has always been an organisation run by and for our members. Our rich history of collaboration has resulted in the growth and success of the OOSH Sector. We truly are a ‘Network’, and now more than ever we need to support each other. Whether you are a parent-managed, P&C, not-for-profit or for profit OOSH, Network is calling on you to join us in our Save OOSH Campaign.

This most recent 6 month extension for parent-managed OOSHs pushes the deadline past the next NSW election. This allows us a vital opportunity to secure a reversal to the policy change and ensure the future diversity of OOSH providers in NSW.

To register your Service in support of the Save OOSH Campaign and receive a digital resource pack to enable your local advocacy, click here:

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