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Information Session for Parent-Managed OOSHs
Tuesday 10 May 2022
6:30pm – 7:30pm
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Network Webinar for Parents on Management Committees

Network will be hosting a webinar for parent-managed OOSHs focused on informing parents about the policy change, their options that result from the policy change (i.e. going to tender or the P&C model), and the steps they will need to take. With vacation care fast approaching, we are mindful of the needs of parents and their limited availability. As such, this webinar will be held in the evening in early term 2

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Past Events

Special meeting for Parent Managed Services on Public Schools 
Thursday 10th March 2022
10am – 11am

Come to hear the latest updates and action you can take as a Service.

Network is concerned about the lack of consultation and contradictory advice being provided to OOSH Services about the recent policy change which impact parent managed and NFP services on public schools, and have wider implications for the rest of the OOSH Sector. Our objection to the corporatisation of the OOSH Sector – starting with public schools – is well noted.

Network is keeping up the pressure on the NSW Government to reverse this policy. These services have a long history of investing surplus funds back into the community and ensuring the needs of children are always the primary objective.

Network wants to bring all PMC (Parent Management Committee)-operated services on public schools together to update you on:

We want to hear from you about:

Please join us for this important event.

All concerned parties are invited, but the focus will be on parent-managed services. Further ‘Save OOSH’ webinars will be announced soon.

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