Save OOSH: Downloads and Resources

Hang this at your Service so that people know you'll be impacted

Save OOSH Poster

Children, Families and Educators can get behind the campaign with stories of their OOSH

Save OOSH Blank Postcard

Add this to your OOSH or Personal Facebook

Facebook Cover Photo

Add this logo to your profile picture, letters to parents or NSW Members of parliament, or in aid of the campaign

Save OOSH Logo

Use this template as a starting point

Write to the Minister and Premier

Read here to learn more

Check your Constitution

More Resources coming soon:

Network is working with the Parents and Citizen’s Federation to ensure thorough and consistent information is available to OOSHs and P&Cs looking to traverse this policy change.

Our members will be able to access step-by-step plans, templates, discounted packages with financial and legal experts, and phone support. Network is the only not-for-profit organisation specialised in OOSH, with the expertise and connections to support OOSH Services through the processes resulting from this policy change.

For more information please stay connected with Network via this page and our regular emails to members.

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