Director Identification Numbers: Who needs them?

Director Identification Numbers (DIN) required for for-profit OOSH providers and some limited not-for-profits

You may have seen recent media releases about the requirement for directors to obtain a DIN by 30 November 2022 or risk substantial penalties. Network wishes to emphasise that this requirement is for a director under the Corporations Act – that is, primarily for companies with a name ending in Pty Ltd or Limited – rather than a director in the OOSH sense of leading a particular OOSH service. Most Network members will not need to take action.
The only not-for-profits required to provide DINs are either companies limited by guarantee or Incorporated Associations that are registered with ASIC and holding an ARBN (note this is different to an ABN that all Services will hold). Your Incorporated Association would only require this ARBN if it was operating in a different state to the one that it was registered in. You can check if you have an ARBN and therefore need to obtain DINs by searching ASIC’s registers here
If you do need to obtain a DIN the process is reasonably straightforward and quick, particularly if you have used MyGov before, and you can follow the instructions here:

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