History of Network


By Judy Finlason


The Network: where dreams become reality.

Thirty years ago a group of people met to discuss what was happening for children after school. Who would have thought that the first meeting  would lead to the formation of the dynamic organisation that Network of Community Activities is today.

This book brings to life the Network’s many and varied activities and records the fascinating story of the Network and the growth of community-initiated programs for children in their time out of school hours. Community development, community arts, field trips to isolated areas, workshops, the growth of out-of-school-hours centres and constant funding struggles are all part of the Network’s story.

The Network has always been there to support, encourage and provide resources and training for those involved in services for children out of school hours. It has been a staunch advocate for the importance of middle childhood and the child’s right to play, care and creative activities. The best interests of children have always been the motivation and inspiration for people in the Network, who have often overcome overwhelming odds to achieve their goals.

The Network: where dreams become reality is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the community-based organisations that arose in the 1970s.

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