OOSH Educators Day Celebrating Together!

It was great to see everyone in Parramatta Park today, which turned out to be an epic event! This is the first time we have been able to celebrate OOSH Educators day face to face! Thank you for showing up and making the event even more awesome. The handmade hats everybody made were outstanding and our Hat Parade was a hoot. The creativity and engagement was fabulous and made the event all the more memorable!

A HUGE Thank you and shout out to everyone who came!

It was hard not to get emotional when Roz White closed the Mad Hatters tea party and shared a few thoughts on her vision for the day!

We hope you celebrated yourselves and acknowledged the important role you play in your community. Network takes our hats off to you and the important work you do!

Together we are powerful

Network is Recruiting
August 4, 2022
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party
July 20, 2022

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