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Childcare and Economic Opportunity Fund

The NSW Government is establishing the New Affordable and Accessible Childcare and Economic Participation Fund which will allocate $5 billion over 10 years to “target known barriers to families accessing quality, affordable early childhood education and care.”

Survey data will shape the direction of this funding – the OOSH sector is currently underrepresented.

To date only 4% of respondents represent OOSH. We must ensure OOSH parents and Services are represented in the Department’s data if we want to see adequate funding flow to our Sector.

What can you do to secure future funding for OOSH?

  • Respond to the Survey here
  • Share the link to the Survey with families.
  • Share this image to your OOSH social media or share the link with families.


How to approach the survey

Please note that at the time of writing the survey end-date reads ‘Wednesday 12 October 2022′. This has been extended to Friday 21 October 2022. This is a 5 minute survey.

In your responses think about

  • What are the opportunities for OOSH in the future?

  • What are the current challenges and what do you see as possible solutions?

We strongly encourage you to utilise the comment boxes and expand on your answers. When answering the multiple choice questions think about the consequence of answering a particular way. For example, when clicking on the multiple choice option “[that government should] assist centres to increase their available places” you may be thinking about increasing the number of rooms/buildings/unencumbered space available to your OOSH on a school site, but another approach would be to promote space waivers and pack more children into a smaller space. Expanding on why you have answered a particular way will help ensure OOSH needs are genuinely reflected, giving us a better chance of having our unique needs met.

Your opinions will help shape the Government’s decision making now and over the next decade.

Final Question

“If you have any other thoughts, ideas or comments you would like to share, please enter below.”

This question is your chance to share your ideas! Below we have some examples for you to consider.

Opportunities for OOSH in the future:

  • Promoting OOSH and changing perceptions about the profession

  • Meeting the recommendations of ‘More than just convenient care

  • Funding for OOSH support and representation – including the peak body for OOSH (Network)

  • Maintain and grow strong NFP and parent managed sector

  • Support for small, local for-profit providers

  • Sustained and increased investment in our sector targeting quality, for example:

    • equipment grants,

    • physical environment/infrastructure improvements grants

    • funding for professional advice and external support for Educators and Management

    • Regular in-OOSH sessions from professionals meeting the diverse needs of children

  • A place for every child that needs it

  • Viable alternatives to Inclusion Support

  • Thriving workforce that is valued with the right pay and conditions

  • Understanding the workforce issues and the shortages of workers

  • Dedicated space for every OOSH in schools

  • A Quality A&R system that reflects the uniqueness of OOSH

  • High quality training/professional development opportunities which are free and affordable

  • Overhauling the current tender process and create one based on quality outcomes for children

  • Wellbeing programs for children and for Educators

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