Sharlene Wellard

Sharlene Wellard

Principal | Workplace Relations & Safety

Meridian Lawyers

Empowering Leaders –  Best Practice Performance Management – Getting it right

Sharlene will speak about identifying underperformance (and misconduct) dealing with it in a way that is designed to both change behaviour, but also put the OOSH management in the best position to lawful end the employment and defend a legal claim if needed.  Sharlene will cover dealing with difficult conversations, preparing for meetings, what responses to expect, how to record things etc.

Sharlene will also cover  myths  – such as you can dismiss someone in probation or a casual employee without risk and identify the broad range of claims an employee might make, which is why process is so important – and of course the benefits of turning the behaviour around, general staff morale and confidence in management, recruitment costs, relationships with children and families etc.

Sharlene will talk about her experiences assisting Education and Care services, engaging with best practice and common workplace issues – even the really odd ones!