Some Things About Boys


by Maggie Dent

A compilation of reflections on living and working with lads from a self-confessed ‘boy champion’

As a former high school teacher and counsellor, parenting author Maggie Dent who is a mother of four adult sons has spent much of her career exploring what boys need at home and at school to thrive.

This little book is a compilation of articles and blog posts “all about boys”, which Maggie has written over the years and which draw on research, common-sense wisdom and her own experience.

  • how to help your angry boy
  • why school is failing our boys
  • how to deal with the love affair between boys and gaming
  • why boys need a real, wild childhood
  • how to help boys shine at school
  • why boys’ friendships matter more than we know
  • how to reach your confused, grumpy, moody, mono-syllabic teenage lad… and much more.

With humour and wisdom Maggie shares her insights and strategies for better understanding, connecting, and communicating with the lads in your life.

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