Awesome Activities for Older OOSH Children Digital Download


Digital Download

The Network publication Awesome Activities has been widely used by OOSH Educators throughout the ages. Planning the right activities for older children is essential for keeping older children engaged in your programme. Activities must be:

• Fun and enjoyable

• Spontaneous

• Based on children’s interest

• Self chosen

This book was initially written for children to choose activities they would like to try. In this easy to follow resource children & Educators get the chance to explore tried & tested activities suitable for older OOSH children guaranteed to work! Every activity has been carefully selected by children attending Wilberforce OOSH service and are perfect for your programme. Activities designed for every children’s interest, with each page formatted in a easy to follow way. The book is divided into three main sections:

• Moving

• Making

• Doing

Every activity supports children’s learning through play helping them to build confidence, problem solving skills, creativity and trying out new interests. It is important that OOSH time is seen as time for pursuing interests, for meeting with friends, for engaging in physical activity or just hanging out relaxing and talking.

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