Jennifer Cartmel

Dr Jennifer Cartmel, M.A.C.E 
Associate Professor  – Child, Youth and Family Practice
Program Director – Postgraduate Human Services
School of Health Sciences and Social Work
Griffith University
Associate Editor:  International Journal of Playwork Practice
Network Ambassador

Dr Jennifer Cartmel is Network’s Ambassador. Dr Cartmel is the Program Director of Human Services Programs (Undergraduate and Postgraduate) at Griffith University, and senior lecturer in the School of Health Sciences and Social Work. She has been involved in a wide range of research projects focusing on: children’s social and emotional learning, the workforce in children’s services including child are settings and human service organisations.

Most recently Dr Cartmel was part of the team reviewing, drafting and testing the updated national learning framework, ‘My Time Our Place’, for OOSH.

Empowering Questions, Empowering Minds, Empowering Critical Reflection, Empowering Educators 

The update to the approved learning framework My Time Our Place includes some very useful questions to ask yourself and others to reflect on principles and practices and inspire ongoing learning. This presentation will focus on how to use these questions (MTOP, page 18) to explore the update to the framework. It will also include sharing of strategies to embed critical reflective questions in everyday practice.