Working with Directly-Impacted Services

Support for Parent-Managed OOSHs

Network knows that taking on the NSW Government and large corporate OOSH providers will be challenging, and although we ardently oppose the policy change we will be supporting Services in the event that it succeeds.

Network is available to work with Services to navigate the change with their parent committees. We are currently meeting with parents across the state to assess their options in the event that the policy stands. Contact for more information.

Resourcing Our Members: Transitioning to P&C Association model

  • We are creating a “step plan” covering off the numerous complicated steps required to undertake the transition to a P&C Association model.

  • We are negotiating with trusted lawyers and liquidators to prepare discounted packages for the professional services necessary to successfully transition without causing undue risk to parents on management committees.

  • In 2021 we were deeply involved with drafting the P&C Federation’s Model OOSH Rules. We will continue to offer our support to them as some parent-managed Providers look to transfer Service Approvals to P&C Associations.

  • Network is working to ensure financial support for any transitions. Already Anthony Futia, Director, Early Childhood, Canteens and Uniforms | Asset Activations, School Infrastructure NSW, has walked back earlier promises of meagre support for “those who can’t afford to transition”. Network is appealing directly to the Minister’s office to ensure financial support is available for Services to navigate the legally fraught process of winding down an existing Association, and starting an OOSH under the P&C.

Resourcing our Members: Staying parent-managed and tendering

  • Network is in the process of compiling tendering resources and templates to allow parent-managed services to produce high-quality professional tender documents on a budget.

  • We are developing professional support packages for parent-management committees to ensure they make informed choices with regards to their OOSH’s future.

  • Network has worked with members to write successful tender bids. Think of us before you approach any other tender writer.