Training FAQs

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How do I submit my assessments for marking?

If you are required to do assessments, these should be submitted by scanning and uploading them to the learner portal. There are more details about how to do this on the Network Website.

Once received on the portal your assessment will be assigned to a marker and we aim to have a result for you within 7 working days.

You will see your results in the learner portal. You can login by the link on the website. Network Learner Portal

How and when will I get my certificate?

Once marked and deemed competent /complete any certificates will be sent within 30 days by email to the email address that you have recorded in the learner portal.

If you require urgent processing of any certificate for compliance reasons please email us advising of this

How will I communicate with Network and my Assessor?

Most communication from the administration team will be by email therefore it is essential that we have your personal or individual email, be sure to check your email every day and act quickly if you are required to provide further information.

For students studying in certificate and diploma programs your assessor will also be given your phone number, you should negotiate with your trainer when you will connect each month for your support calls.

If you change employer, phone or email address you can login to the Learner portal and update your details.

How do I enrol for training?

           You’ll require:    

  • A USI
  • A certified copy of Photo ID (You can email this later)

1. Enrolment for Networks training should be done online. Enrol Here 

2. Ensure that you complete all information fields and provide your USI.

3. If you have provided all required information: you will receive a Confirmation email from Network and there is nothing else required.

4. If you have not provided enough information: you will receive an email asking you to provide more information. You are not enrolled in the training event at this stage.

5. Email your certified ID copy to

You will only need to do provide the information once – the second time you enrol will be much simpler.


  • The Name that you use to get your USI must match exactly with the name you provide Network. (eg. Maryanne vs Mary-Anne vs Mary Anne).
  • You are enrolling as an individual – Please use your private or individual email – organisational emails should be avoided (e.g. admin@OOSH, info@OOSH)
  • Keep your online record up to date when you move, change employers or change your phone number.

Where can I get more information?

All students in the certificate and diploma programs should also read the Learner Handbook.

There is more information about policies and procedures here.

Where can I find about the rules and policies.

Policies and procedure documents are located here.

How will I get my results?

You will see your results in the learner portal. You can login by the link on the website.

Once marked and deemed competent /complete any certificates or results records will be sent within 30 days by email to the email address that you have recorded in the learner portal.

Why does Network need my USI?

As an RTO, Network (and all RTOs) must report annually to the federal government about accredited training enrolments. This data including your USI are required before your course enrolment can be confirmed.

Your USI will also give you access to an online record of all of the training you have completed in Australia done since 1 January 2015. You will also be able to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training.

More information and to get your USI:

You will only need to provide your USI once to Network.

Who’s who at Network Training? 

Training Administration: For assistance with enrolment, USI, details change, payment and invoicing. (Full-time)

Manager Learning & Assessment: Student Support, Accredited course advice, Management of Assessors. (Part-time)

Manager Quality & Compliance: Course feedback, Appeals and Complaints, Certification.


How do I withdraw from my Certificate or Diploma course?

If you would like to discuss your options the Manager of Learning and Assessment will contact you. If you have already decided to withdraw, please check the policies and procedures area of the Network website and complete a Withdrawal form.