Term 2 Online Training 2020

Term 2 Online Training

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Trauma – We’ve had Some!

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Wednesday 20th May and Thursday 21st May 10.00 – 10.45am

Wednesday 27th May and Thursday 28th May 10.00 – 10.45am

This a four part webinar series looking at the complexity of trauma and how resulting behaviours may present in OOSH in both children and Educators.

In OOSH it is vital to understand that behaviours displayed by children and adults may be a sign of trauma either immediate or long –term. The way we react to these behaviours will set the tone for what happens next!

Webinar 1:

Definitions of trauma  (simple, complex, complex developmental)

Effects of trauma (immediate and long term)

Webinar 2:

The impact of trauma on the child’s developing brain

Sequential and Linear brain development

How trauma impacts physical and sensory development

Webinar 3:

Recognising trauma specific behaviours e.g. disassociation, oppositional malformed attachment

“The person is not the problem the problem is the problem”

Webinar 4:

Vicarious trauma:  What is it?

Signs and strategies to deal with vicarious trauma.

Each webinar builds on the knowledge and skills of the previous one so enrolment is for the series.

$195 Members per person+ GST

$295 non members per person+ GST

Quality Spotlight – 7 part webinar series

Quality Spotlight – 7-part webinar series

Facilitator: Jamie Morris

We’re excited to announce our 7-part LIVE weekly webinar series staring next Monday. (11th May)

Discover quick and practical solutions to kick-start your quality journey. Each week we will unpack a variety of key topics related to seven quality areas.

While there’s no “right” or “wrong” way to navigate a services quality journey, there are plenty of opportunities to learn about how we can optimise our day-to-day practices to maximise our rating outcome.

All participants will receive FREE tools & resources as part of the webinar series. There maybe small tasks to complete in between webinar  sessions.

Register now and don’t miss the chance to take part in this very special “QUALITY” series tailored to OOSH.

Webinar times: Each Monday from 11th May 21 from 10.00 – 11.00am (Excluding P.H Monday)

Book Now: https://noca.jobreadyrto.com.au/apply_to_course/7partseries

Price (+ GST)

$350 for members

$425 for non-members

Webinar 1: The Power of Documentation

Monday 11h May

  • What does OOSH documentation look like?
  • How does it enrich our programme?
  • Why the right documentation matters & is at the heart of ensuring children’s ideas, voices are incorporated into each programme.

Webinar 2: FOOD and the Great Outdoors

Monday 18th May

  • What is the connection between nutrition and active growing bodies?
  • Creative menu planning ideas to share
  • Menus on a shoestring
  • Exploring the great outdoors with inspirational ideas.

Webinar 3: Making the most of your indoor space

Monday 25th May

  • Showcase various ways that services have designed unique physical environments.
  • Come share photos of your environment to open dialogue 

Webinar 4: Awesome Team Building Ideas: starting with communication and appreciation

Monday 1st June

  • Tried & tested communication strategies
  • The importance of a creating a culture of appreciation in the workplace sharing techniques that work well?

Webinar 5: Implicate bias and how it affects our judgment

Monday 15h June

  • Discussing relevant research on bias and how it impacts our practice
  • Using reflective questions to understand our unconscious bias
  • Discuss approaches to assist children self-regulate bias behaviours

Webinar 6: Relationships with the community

Monday 22nd June

  • Learn how other services engage with their communities in meaningful ways
  • Develop your very own Local Area Community Action Plan using a template we will provide you with.

Webinar 7: The quality call to action

Monday 29th June

  • Wrap up this webinar series with a call to action & time for critical reflection of your key learning’s during the last 7 weeks.  
  • And most importantly what are your next steps? Each service will receive a follow up call exactly one month after the webinar to see what actions you have put into practice.

CHCPRT001 Identify and Respond to Children and Young People at Risk (RTO 90537)

Book now: https://noca.jobreadyrto.com.au/apply_to_course/Childprotection

Webinar: Wednesday 3rd June and Wednesday 10 June 10 – 11.30am

This is the accredited child protection course that assist OOSH Educators to learn about:

Current NSW legislation about child protection

Mandatory reporter obligations

Practices that aim to protect children and reduce risk of harm

As this is accredited training you required to successfully complete an assessment to receive a Statement of Attainment and also require a USI to enrol, visit www.usi.gov.au/students to obtain one.

$225 Members per person (no GST)

$275 non members per person (no GST)

Flying the Nominated Supervisor Flag

BOOK NOW: https://noca.jobreadyrto.com.au/apply_to_course/Flyingthenominatedsupervisorflag

Webinar: Monday 4th May 10:00-11:00am

Are you new to the Nominated Supervisor role and trying to navigate what this critical leadership role means to you and to your service?

During this one-hour webinar we will take you through:
-Key responsibilities of the Nominated Supervisor and what is essential in your role.
-What is the Nominated Supervisor is different from other roles-Nominated Supervisor roles, obligations and responsibilities
-Walking through compliance checklist to form action plans on gaps. Take this interactive and engaging one-hour for yourself to re-centre and refocus on the importance of your role and take stock of where your service is at against the National Quality Framework.

$65 Members per person +GST

$110 Non-Members per person + GST

Budgeting to Survive 

Book now: https://noca.jobreadyrto.com.au/apply_to_course/Budgeting

Webinar Tuesday 5th May 2020 10 – 11.am

A financial check-up for services!

Being in a good financial position is not all about the amount of money we have, but rather the process of managing it.

Developing a financial plan or budget will not just help you right now, it will also give you vision and hope for the future. There can be light at the end of the tunnel.

Will include the process of putting together a simple budget, looking at ways to improve cash flow, save money and meet our financial obligations during these uncertain times.

$65 members per person + GST

$110 non members per person + GST

Top tips for Assessment and Rating

BOOK NOW: https://noca.jobreadyrto.com.au/apply_to_course/AssRatingReadiness

Webinar: Wednesday 6th May 10:00-11:00am

Assessment and Rating should not be seen as an event, but more about how to embed practice into everyday. During Covid-19 lets spend the time to develop thoughtful strategic action plans and walk through some practical top tips to help you prepare for Assessment and Rating.

During this one-hour webinar we will take you through;
-How can you utilise the self-assessment toolkit?
-What are the exceeding themes and what does this mean in practice?
-How to identify and provide evidence against the exceeding themes?
-Walk through resources to help you develop a meaningful action planSign up now to ensure you get tools, support and resources to allow you to get ahead of the curve on the Assessment and Rating journey.

$65 Members per person +GST

$110 Non-Members per person + GST