Supporting staff to work towards their Qualification

The National Quality Framework is very strong on Professional Development for all Educators. It is therefore important to support staff that are considering working towards qualifications. As many of you will be aware Network is a Registered Training Organisation offering Cert 1V and Diploma in School Age care…

Research suggests a clear link between higher staff qualifications and higher quality of care.

Benefits of supporting staff

The benefits of giving Educators support whilst studying include:

  • Increased knowledge, skills and confidence of OOSH practice
  • Understanding the importance, relevance and application of the NQF
  • Keeping up-to-date with legislation and current practice
  • Applying theory to practice
  • Adding value to the service
  • Increased motivation and enthusiasm for work and study
  • Accepting greater responsibility
  • Greater career aspirations

How to support staff

There are many ways to support a member of staff who is studying.

To support staff you could:

  • Ensure the staff member is aware of qualification and setting expectations
  • Outline how the qualification will benefit them
  • Provide a mentor to guide the member of staff
  • Remove any barriers the learner may experience
  • Link theory and practice where possible
  • Check progress to make sure they are meeting deadlines
  • Encourage the member of staff
  • Discuss study and opportunities for more responsibility within their job

If you have a Educator who is keen to get started working towards a qualification in School Age care – give network a call… The next intake for students is end of February – please don’t miss out….