Supporting children with Medical Conditions (Reg 90 + Reg 92)

It is essential that Educators can effectively respond to and manages medical conditions including asthma, diabetes and anaphylaxis at the service to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children, staff and visitors. Every service is required by law to have the following documentation in place for Educators to refer to…

Reg Document Further information
90 Medical conditions policy Detailing the services processes & procedures for dealing with medical conditions such as asthma, anaphylaxis diabetes

Medical Conditions Communication Plan

A communication Plan outlines the responsibilities of management, educators and parents / guardians in relation to caring for a child with a medical condition. It addresses how the child with a medical condition is managed by the service, what information parents / guardians are required to submit and how this is communicated.


92 Medication record A medication record is kept for each child to whom medication is to be administered by the service. The record must include the authorisation to administer medication (including, if applicable, self-administration, regulation 96), signed by a parent or a person named in the child’s enrolment record as authorised to consent to administration of medication (regulation 92).