Staffing Arrangements

Nominated Supervisor

Recruitment, Selection and Appointment of Staff 
This fact sheet has been produced to assist Outside School Hours Care services conduct a thorough recruitment process when hiring staff.
Getting Off to the Right Start
Information & Orientation Checklist for New Employees
Nominated Supervisor – Example Job Description
You can use this example to create your own Job Description.
Discusses the appropriate use of volunteers, how to manage them and insurance considerations.
Letter of Employment
Suggested steps for preparing and using a letter of employment.
Reference Checks
Takes you through the process of conducting reference checks on potential staff members.
Staff Orientations
How to conduct an effective orientation to make the employee feel like part of the team, understand goals and expectations to spark productivity and commitment.
Coordinator’s Report
An essential part of the OOSH Coordinator’s job is to report on the service’s progress to the Management Committee.
Team Building
If the team is working well there are many satisfying experiences, however, when it is not it can be extremely frustrating for individual members and have a flow on impact to children in your care. Here are some ideas for Team Building in your centre.
Creating a Less Stressful Working Environment
It is really important when working with children and families that we find ways to recognise and manage increased stress.
Effective Leadership
Behind every effective team is an effective leader, but what makes an effective leader?
Staying Calm
Explains how to stay calm when dealing with the situation of a dissatisfied or angry parent.
Hard Issues
How to talk to parents about difficult issues regarding their children.
Time Management
This fact sheet contains tips on time management for the smart OOSH professional who will know how to prioritise their work on a day-to-day basis.



Staff Surveys
Staff surveys are a useful way of gaining the opinion of your staff and provide staff with the opportunity to make their views known.

OOSH Educator – Example Job Description
You can use this example to create your own Job Description.

Single Staff Member
If you are operating a small service with one staff member, there are a number of factors to take into consideration.

Responsible Person

Placing a Responsible Person
Information about placing a responsible person in charge of your OOSH service.