What does it mean to be the Educational leader at the service?

Under the regulations, the Approved Provider is required to appoint an Educational Leader to “guide other educators in their planning and reflection and mentor colleagues in their implementation practices” (Guide to the National Law and Regulations 2011, p.85).

Many Educational leaders are appointed but sometimes fail to recognise the starting point for the role.

See checklist below to get you started or reviewing your role as the Educational Leader. It will assist Ed Leaders to undertake a self-analysis of the role and is applicable to both new Ed Leaders and Educators who have been in the role for some time…

Are you someone who:

  • Has a thorough understanding of My Time Our Place.

If yes, how did you learn the MTOP and how do share this with the educators at the service?

  • Can articulate what and how children learn in the context of their OOSH service.

If yes, how have you determined what and how the children learn?

  • Understands individual educators practice and different adult learning styles.

If yes, what strategies have you used to find this out?

  • Has an in depth knowledge of the children at your service; their interests, needs and abilities.

If yes, how did you develop this knowledge?

  • Has knowledge of the theories of learning & continually shares information with educators?

If yes, how do you access and learn about relevant theory and how to apply it to your work and assist others in theirs?

Putting the role into action

How do you implement the role? Do you:

  • Guide educators in their planning and reflection.

If yes, what kind of guidance? i.e. Conversations, one on one conversations

Facilitate conversations about the program – Reflection on WHY do we do what we do? What do children learn with us?

If yes, when do you make time for this?

  • Make time to observe educator’s practice and have discussions around these.

Use the My Time Our Place as a reference for conversations.

If yes, when do you make time to engage in conversations with your educators in groups or individuals?

  • Set goals for educators and values their feedback and reflections by documenting or jotting goals, discussions and conversations for further reflection.

If yes, how do you document, what do you document and how does it assist educators in developing their knowledge

  • Find creative ways to bring about learning goals – trivia nights with prizes, meetings that involve brainstorming?

If yes, what are some of your innovations to create shared and sustained thinking and practice.

The next step? We need to understand how the educators at the service reflect on the role of the Educational Leader.


Old School: Ask educators to spend 5 minutes before their shift and answer the following questions to provide feedback to you. Repeat this process until you have asked all educators at the service.

New School: Design a survey monkey that can reach all educators at the same time

Starved for time: SMS or e-mail educators the questions and compile the answers


  • What is an educational leader?
  • Who is the educational leader at our service?
  • What do they do?
  • How do they support you?

Need answers to the questions asked above?

Implementing the role and want new strategies?

Want to how others are working in the role?

Join us for two peer support sessions specifically for the educational leader.

Dates below:

Peer Support Part 1- 14th Sept

Brainstorm and discuss content of newsletter (article above)

Discuss each Ed. Leaders strategies from the checklist above.

Peer Support Part 2 – 12th October

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