Spotlight on: PRACTICE

Tips & Techniques for Educators

Educators self awareness & reflection

Your role as an Educator is maximising children’s play experiences, and in order to do this successfully, Educators need to reflect on what inspires you to work with children….

Think about:

  • What motivates you about working in OOSH?
  • Why did you choose to become an Educator?
  • What is rewarding about being an Educator?


Working together… 7 good teamwork specifications:

  • Good communication between team members
  • There are clearly defined roles, tasks & responsibilities for every team member
  • Interactions between Educators is playful & respectful
  • Tasks are shared according to skills
  • Educators trust each other personally & professionally
  • All Educators are encourages to share ideas, contribute to programme planning, evaluation and suggestions are valued
  • Team members feel able to make occasional mistakes and learn form them without fear of retribution

How well does your team work?