Management Matters – So who is in charge at your service?


All OOSH services are required to have a Responsible Person who is the person in charge at the Centre for that day and this needs to be clearly displayed at the centre for families. The Responsible person can be any of the following persons:

  • The Approved Provider (Individual private owner, member of the management committee, nominated representative – e.g. council)
  • The Nominated Supervisor (The Director or Coordinator)
  • An Educator who has been placed in day-to-day charge of the service and has been selected by the Coordinator/Approved Provider to be a Service Supervisor.

(See Service Supervisor Application form on Network website – Resource Index Members section) This form will guide you to the type of requirements that you would be looking for.

If an Educator is chosen to be the Responsible Person at the Centre, they would be someone that the Approved Provider and/or Coordinator has identified as possessing supervisory or leadership skills. An OOSH qualification or relevant experience would also be preferable. They need to be someone that parents or staff can go to should any issues arise, be familiar with the day-to-day operations of the Centre and know what to do in the case of an emergency.

The Nominated Supervisor does not always have to be present at the Centre; however, they are still legally responsible for the Centre as set out in the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations 2010.

A Responsible Person at a Centre must also have completed accredited Child Protection module including the assessment task.

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