SMS Alerts – A new service to trial for Network members

Network has been getting feedback from members looking for a solution to send mass texts to parents in the event of a need for reminders or when an emergency strikes. To address this Network has teamed up with “The SMS Engine” ( to provide members with a quality SMS solution that you can use to alert, notify and request a reply from parents/clients and it comes with a FREE TRIAL for Network members.

The SMS Engine client base is specifically education based, with their client base including public and private schools across Australia as well as some tertiary institutions.

The SMS functionality:

Send One Way SMS messaging (typically used for alerts or notifications)

Send Two Way SMS messaging (for instances where you need a reply from the recipient)

Scheduled messaging (a message programmed to be delivered at a future date and time… great for reminders).

SMS Reply Inbox – lists all the replies you receive from Two Way messages. Replies can also be sent directly to your nominated email address.

How does the system work?

Log in to your account at Messages are generated from your web account.

Utilise of a desktop application that can be downloaded (optional)

What are the costs to use the service?

You simply purchase a bundle of credits. 1 credit = 1 One Way Message.

o   1500 credits – $195.00 plus GST * for regular users

o   3000 credits – $360.00 plus GST * for regular users

  • For those that simply want an Emergency Alert Service

Annual fee of $99.00 plus GST provides 500 credits / support and training. In critical situations a call can be made to the SMS Engine and they will trigger a message on your behalf between am and p.m. weekdays.

Network has negotiated the following for members:

Emergency Alert Solution with the critical call option.

Phone support in the key area of uploading contacts at no extra cost.

The ability for an invoice to be raised for any purchases with EFT payment.

The SMS Engine provides you with a means to trial the service.  If you register for an account identifying yourself as a “Network” account a member of their team will create your account and give you a call to answer any questions you may have. Once the system has been trialled you can determine whether or not you want to use the system.

For members embarking on this trail please let us now what you think and email us with you feedback.