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Network 2021 Diary

Designed for the OOSH Sector, this Network Diary for 2021 has everything you need to stay organised, reflect, prioritise, set goals and keep on top of things.

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Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual

The Human Resources Policies and Procedures Manual provides the policies and procedures for managing and developing Employees.

It also provides guidelines the Service will use to administer these policies, with the correct procedure to follow.

It is a requirement that Services keep HR policies current and relevant.

This manual comes in two formats – PDF form for reading and review plus as .doc Word files that your service can modify, to reflect your actual service staffing, practice, environment and individual management structure.

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101 Things to Do (When There’s Nothing To Do)
This A2 sized poster is choc-full of great activity ideas for OOSH kids to do themselves – 101 of them in fact! Stick it on your centre wall for inspiration.
Community- Owned OOSH (for members only)
Promote the fact that your OOSH centre is community-owned – and proud of it! A3 size.
  The ‘Be’ Series
A series of 3 x A3 sized posters full of tips for staff on managing children in an OOSH environment, effective supervision and safety in OOSH, all in an easy to remember format.
  Article 31 – 31 reasons for play + 31 reasons for art
Fun, typographic posters made up of colourful and funny quotes from kids.(Also available as a free download on our Member’s Area)


Programs/ Activities

Button, Button, Who’s got the Button
101 Button Games 

Buttons are easy to find, fun to collect and can be used to play the 101 games in this book. They range from imaginative games for one to active group games.
  OOSH Kids Can Cook 
A new cookbook with recipes provided by OOSH centres. All the recipes have been tried and tested by the centres and have been deemed OOSH friendly!
   Creative Planning3rd Ed. 2007 
An introduction to successful program planning. Looks at planning in relation to the centre, the children and staff. Includes ideas for developing community resources, evaluating programs and children’s growth and development.
NRG@OOSH – Nutrition Ready to Go, 2003 
A food and nutrition manual with over 35 recipes and ideas for creating a positive eating environment and conducting fun food activities for children. Provides background information on nutrition for children, menu planning and sample menus, prepared with nutritionists.
   Hi-OOSH – Harmony in OOSH, 2003
Strategies for creating a harmonious cultural environment in OOSH through enhancing relationships and building networks with the community. Includes multicultural programming ideas and festivals.
  Awesome Activities for Older OOSH Children, 2nd Ed. 2002, reprint 2007
Developed by OOSH professionals and contains great ideas for older children in OOSH such as games, crafts, cookery, drama, themed projects, music, video production, science and much more. A great programming resource.
Australian Kaleidoscope – Multicultural Activities For School Age Children, 2nd Ed 1995
Ideas and strategies for bringing multicultural leisure activities to the centre. Includes games, display ideas, drama, storytelling, music and movement, celebrations, cookery and crafts.
  Eco OOSH in Action
A guide designed to assist staff of OOSH Centres provide eco-friendly activities for children. Includes practical advice on all aspects of good environmental practice.
  Kids Clubs – 2003
Guide to setting up a kids club to provide care/ play opportunities for children on an occasional, casual, short-term or long-term basis. Includes practicalities, programming ideas and action plans to turn ideas into reality.

Growth & Development/ Behaviour

Accentuate the Positive, 2nd Ed. 2005 
Easy to read handbook that aims to assist services in the daily management of children’s behaviour through a whole of centre approach. Focuses on understanding behaviours, building relationships, planning for positive behaviour and limits/consequences.
Play is Important, 3rd Ed 2006
Provides an overview of the importance of play to children’s development, the principles of play, the role of adults in play and environmental influences. Suitable for staff and parents.
Under 8s in OOSH, Revised Edition 2008
A resource booklet for staff working with children age 4.7 to 8 years, helping provide a happy, safe environment to these younger children. Includes orientations, communications, programs and useful contacts.
  Growth & Development, 2nd Ed. 2006
A simple guide to planning age appropriate activities for children from 5-12 years old. Includes explanations about children’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth, and links it to activities to promote children’s development.

Management/ Administration

Work Health and Safety: Occupational Health and Safety Guidelines for OOSH
The information contained in the manual provides general guidance and the basic requirements for OSHC services to comply with health and safety legislative responsibilities.The manual comes with a disc of useful work and health safety tools and checklists.
Manage It!
Another in our management series providing advice and strategies for successful management of Community based Outside School Hours Care Centres. Essential reading for Management Committees and Co-ordinators.
  Getting to Grips with Money Matters
A guide to financial management for Outside School Hours Care Services. This booklet was written to help community-based Management Committees of Outside School Hours Care Centres effectively manage the financial aspects of their organisations.
Keep it Legal!
Covers the many issues involved in the provision of legal and ethical care to assist Outside School Hours Care Services in NSW.
A joint project with the Law and Justice Foundation of NSW.
Fire Safety Guidelines for OSHC, 2nd Ed, 2006
Information on pre-planning for emergencies, evacuation procedures,
evaluation, equipment and includes a Fire Safety Checklist. An essential document for any service to have.


The Network: When Dreams Become Reality
The history of Network of Community Activities from 1974 to 2004. A fascinating story of initiative and determination, telling of the struggles of parents and community groups to start programs for children in their time out of school hours.

Recommended Reading

Saving our Adolescents: Supporting Today’s Adolescents through the Bumpy Ride to Adulthood 
This book written by Maggie Dent, answers so many questions about why adolescents get confused, grumpy, moody, forgetful, angry, defiant, horny and excitable, as well as explaining why they can be a high risk to themselves and others. With more healthy support they can still thrive and become people who can make our world a better place.
  Toxic Childhood
This book is not produced by Network but is highly recommended and a limited number are available to purchase through Network.
Explores the impact of the modern world on children and strategies for “detoxifying” children’s lives.
  Health in Early Childhood Settings: from Emergencies to the Common Cold 
This user-friendly guide offers information about the more common health issues and problems of childhood. Writtten in an approachable style, Professor Oberklaid provides up-to-date information about emergencies, infection control. injury prevention, common illnesses, typical and atypical development and behaviour, behaviour management, family issues and a symptom list. While it’s focus is on early childhood, much of the information is relevant for the OOSH setting.
  No Fear – Growing up in a risk-averse society
A MUST READ for anyone working with or caring for children! Tim Gill’s controversial book provides a thought provoking and challenging read examining the impact of children’s lifestyles today on their futures.
  Real Kids in an Unreal World
This book explores the 10 essential building blocks hat help children build resilience and authentic self esteem in our modern world. It is a common-sense, holistic approach, written by Maggie Dent a popular public speaker and writer.
  Nurturing Kids Hearts and Souls
Written by Maggie Dent the book explores questions about the role of families and community today and provides solutions to help those caring for children.
  Saving Children from our Chaotic world; Teaching Children the Magic of Silence and Stillness
A book to teach parents, carers and children the skills to hold more hope, optimism and enthusiasm and the promise that the world can be a better place.
  Getting Real: Challenging the Sexualisation of Girls
This book covers topics include the culture of exhibitionism, the role of corporations, outdoor advertising, and the effects of pornography on boys’ behaviour towards girls and girls themselves.
  Count Me In
If you are looking for dozens of sure fire, high energy, interactive activities for big and small groups then this book is the one for you! In total, more than 140 activities with variations.
  No Props
More than 300 of the BEST group games, ice-breakers and team-building exercises that inspire trust, co-operation, communication & leadership skills and do not need any equipment. Every activity is guaranteed to be 100% FUN and easy to use.