Preschool Aged Children

Do you have preschool children attending your OOSH Service who are not currently enrolled in a school, or are you considering this?

If you answered yes to this question, you need to take in to consideration, the age of the child and make sure that your Centre can offer care that is age appropriate to the needs of a preschool child as well as complying with the regulations in regard to the following:

  • Sleep and rest facilities in regard to age and developmental stages and individual needs
  • Laundry and hygiene facilities and arrangements for dealing with soiled clothing and nappies.
  • Health, hygiene and safe food practices in regards to food, beverages and bottle warming
  • Premises designed to facilitate supervision
  • Ratio 1:10

The NSW Regulatory Authority released a new fact sheet on November 30 providing guidance on enrolment of preschool children into OOSH services.

If a child is enrolled to commence school in February, they may use the service in the January school vacation and will not be required to follow the regulations for children of non-school age.

If enrolling a child prior to the school year they are enrolled to commence school in, the service must consider the regulations that apply to children under school age – the fact sheet explains what regulations must be followed and what exemptions are applied.