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Children’s Agencies

Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority
ACECQA is a national entity overseeing important changes to early childhood education and care and school age care in Australia.

NSW Government – Families NSW
Families NSW is the NSW Government’s overarching strategy to enhance the health and wellbeing of children up to 8 years and their families.

Association of Child Welfare Agencies (ACWA)

Australian Children’s Television Foundation

Family Court of Australia
The Family Court has a number of useful publications dealing with issues affecting children and parents, especially seperation and divorce. These include: “Me and my Kids. Parenting from a Distance”, “Children and Seperation. A guide for parents” and “Questions and Answers about seperation for children”. These publications are free of charge and may be ordered on or downloaded from the Family Court website. Below is a direct link to the publications section:

Australian Council on Children and the Media

The Protective Behaviours Program in NSW 
The Protective Behaviours Program was developed in America. The idea was conceived when a group of studets at a primary school in the US was addressed on the topic of Being Safe. It was from this idea that the Program began. Originally co-ordinated by the Police Service in Australia, the program in NSW is now directly funded by the NSW Department of Community Services and is responsible for the promotion, delivery of training and implementation of the program throughout New South Wales.

NSW Commission for Children & Young People 
The commission has three main goals:
1.Increase the participation of children and young people in making decisions that affect their lives.
2.Promote the safety and welfare of children and young people.
3.Strengthen the important relationships in the lives of children and young people and improve their well being.

Play & Folklore
Play & Folklore is a forum for discussion about childhood and children’s culture. It publishes articles, letters, memoirs and research studies that examine what children do when largely free of adult direction or control—their colloquial speech, songs, games, rhymes, riddles, jokes, insults and secret languages, their friendships and enmities, their beliefs and hopes.

Count me in! 
A new resource to help organisations conduct research with children and young people.
Count me in! contains information and ideas on how to involve children and young people at each stage of the research process.
You can download a copy for free at the address below.

Children’s Activities

Children in Nature NSW
‘Children in nature’ is about children directing their own play, following their own curiosity, discovering the natural world, engaging their imaginations, making friends, taking risks, and above all having fun.

Cybersmart provides activities, resources and practical advice to help young kids, kids, teens and parents safely enjoy the online world.

Primary Games 
Activities designed for primary school-aged children. Educational and fun games, colouring activities, free e-cards and more.

Guides NSW
Guides NSW provides many opportunities for girls and young women, including weekly meetings, outdoor activities and camps. Through these opportunities the girls learn valuable life lessons on leadership, community spirit, getting along and challenging yourself. Leaders undertake specific training to work with various age groups and activities, all on a volunteer basis.

Stories from the web 
Divided into 2 sections 8-11 years and 11-14 years. Managed by Birmingham Libraries (UK). The site includes a “story starter” which is a tool to get kids started in writing. There are also book reviews, word games and a section where you can send in your stories or read other people’s stories. There are activities linked to particular books like Harry Potter.

Reach Out 
Reach Out! is a web-based service that inspires young people to help themselves through tough times. The aim of the service is to improve young people’s mental health and well being by  providing support information and referrals in a format that appeals to young people.

Reach Out! is an initiative of the Inspire Foundation ( The mission of the Inspire Foundation is to create opportunities for young people to help themselves and help others.

Go for 2 and 5
This is a site for the “Go for 2 and 5” campaign promoting eating 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables per day. It contains tips, recipes and events.

Chess Kids
Free lessons, local clubs and tournaments you can enter.

Funology Science
Excellent site with simple science experiments and magic tricks you can try with kids.

Paper Toys 
Templates for planes, trains and automobiles, and much more.

Official Lego site with lots of games, downloads, chats forums for fans, and much more.

The Surfing Scientist
Fun science experiments, puzzles and games from an ABC TV scientist. Includes many interesting videos from Catalyst and ABC Kids.

National Science Week 
Held in late August each year. Find out what’s happening in your area.

Ultimo Science Festival 
Science fun for everyone! The Ultimo Science Festival offers an amazing range of things to hear, see and do during National Science Week, along Harris St in Ultimo, 5 minutes walk from Sydney’s Central Railway and most events are free.

National Geographic Kids
A treasure trove of great things to watch, make, cook and discover.

Other Agencies

Family Day Care

Ethnic Child Care Family & Community Services Co-operative Limited

Local Community Services Association 
The Local Community Services Association (LCSA) is the peak body for the 300 Neighbourhood and Community Centres in NSW. You can access the back issues of their informative newsletter on this website.

Australian and International OOSH Associations

NOSHSA (National Out of School Hours Association) 
NOSHSA is a network of all Australian State/Territory Out of School Hours services associations who join together to promote quality for Out of School Hours services.
Postal Address: NOSHSA, PO Box 7147
Geelong West Vic 3218. Email
Ph/Fax 02 9475 1495

Queensland Children’s Activities Network
The Queensland Children’s Activities Network (QCAN) Inc. is the peak body for people involved in care services for school age children.

International Play Association (IPA)
IPA’s world-wide network promotes the importance of play in child development, provides a vehicle for inter-disciplinary exchange and action, and brings a child perspective to policy development throughout the world.

The National Institute on Out-of-School Time – NIOST (USA) 
Originally known as the SACCProject, NIOST was one of the first organizations formed to address the needs of school-age children. Operating out of the Centre for Research for Women at Wellesley College, NIOST conducts research on various school-age related issues; works closely with other school-age care organizations to develop best practices criteria; conducts workshops and training on school-age care, including advanced summer seminars; and publishes resources for use in the field.

Extended Notes (Formally School Age Notes) (USA)
Publisher of the monthly School-Age NOTES newsletter since 1980 and provider of over 100 resources for after-school and summer programs. Publishes several books specifically on school-age care, including Half a Childhood and Quality Programs for Out-of-School Hours.

Scottish Out of School Care Network – SOSCN
SOSCN is the national organisation for school-aged childcare and learning in Scotland. UK.

Developing Policies and Procedures

Australasian Legal Information Institute
(a joint facility of UTS and UNSW)
Use this site to look up current legislation and regulations at a state and Commonwealth level.

Commission for Young People

Human Rights Commission

NSW Department of Commerce Office of Industrial Relations

Privacy – Office of the Australian Information Commissioner
The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner has responsibility for regulating and providing advice on the operation of the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) and other privacy-related legislation.

OH&S issues

Child Protection

Australian Childhood Foundation 
This independent national charity aims to prevent child abuse and reduce the harm it casues to children, families and the community. It provides counselling services for children who have experienced abuse and family violence. It also runs a range of prevention, education, adovocacy and research programs.

Child Wise 
This not-for-profit organisation works to prevent the sexual abuse and exploitation of children in Australia and overseas. Their “Choose with Care” program aims to minimise the risk of child abuse occurring within organisations working with children. The program assists organisations to improve screening, recruitment and management practices for staff and volunteers.

The National Association for Preventation of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN)
This independent charity produces national campaigns and distributes free resources that promote positive and practical actions to stop child abuse.


Grow Me Safely
Kidsafe NSW  has developed ‘grow me safely’  to provide information for educators, parents and carers to engage children in gardening activities. The information provided is supported by injury data and statistics.

Kidsafe NSW recognises the importance of gardening with children to build life skills, inspire creativity, grow and harvest food, role model safe practices and a respect for nature. Gardening with children is promoted in the National Quality Framework for Education and Care Services, and the NSW Primary Syllabus.

Anaphylaxis Australia
The information on this website is designed to help individuals, parents and carers of people living with allergies and it should not take the place of personalised treatment and care.

Diabetes Australia – Diabetes Kids and Teens
Information about diabetes for kids, teens, parents, teachers and carers. If a child at your centre has diabetes you can use the great downloadable resources to help staff and other kids understand what diabetes is and what to do in an emergency.

Epilepsy Action Australia
Information and resources about epilepsy.

Australian Government Health website – Pandemic Resources
Much needed link to for current information and downloadable facts sheets (in community languages) on all health issues. An excellent lots of downloadable resources for those wishing to meet high quality 6.3 in the OSHCQA system. Includes factsheets and posters on topics such as hand washing, cough etiquette and infection control.


Tax basics for non-profit organisations 
This website explains which taxes and concessions affect non-profit organisations and directs you to where you can find more detailed information. Every non-profit group can use this guide to ensure they are claiming any possible tax benefits. This information is important for anyone who is in the position of treasurer, office bearer or employee involved in the administration of a non-profit organisation.


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