Modern award Information

All employers and employees are responsible for keeping up-to-date with the modern awards, any associated transitional arrangements, and future changes, for example, to the annual minimum wage.

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​Pay rates can also be downloaded and checked using the pay calculator on the Fair Work website

Management Matters e-newsletter

Management Matters is an online e-newsletter is designed to provide management committees and private operators with an easily disseminated information and advice to alert you to relevant information as a provider of an OSHC service in NSW.

Current editions Available:

#5 Management Committees as the approved providers
#4 Serious Incident and Complaints
#3 Responsible person
#2 AGM & Child Protection
#1 Welcome

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These resources have been provided by the Department
of Education as part of the Early Childhood Education
and Care Sector Development Program.

DEC/AMU Licence Agreement

The latest versions of the the DEC/AMU Licence agreements can be downloaded here. These are the most up to date versions recently released to network of Community Activities. These are for services operating in public school grounds who share facilities or operate in facilities owned by the department.

Please read these along with other relevant documents including the over arching policy Community Use of School Facilities.

Network Factsheets

Understanding the Children’s Services Award
Reduce the confusion surrounding proper minimum employment entitlements.
Approved provider
Provides general information on the role of the Approved Provider of an Outside School Hours Care Service (OSHC).
Management Committees – Roles and Responsibilities
This Factsheet provides general information on the roles and responsibilities of the main office bearers for an Outside School Hours Care Management Committee.
Management Committee Meetings 
This Factsheet provides general information about the types of meetings that the Management Committee of an Outside School Hours Care service would hold throughout the year.
Getting the Most Out Of Management Committee Meetings
Some helpful tips to help prepare for a Management Committee meeting.
Annual General Meetings
This Factsheet has been prepared to assist Outside School Hours Care services in New South Wales that are operated as part of an Incorporated Association, plan their Annual General Meeting.
This fact sheet has been prepared to assist prospective Outside School Hours Care services in New South Wales with the process of incorporating as an association.
Discusses the need for publicity and ideas for raising awareness/ increasing attendance at the centre.
Building Community Links 
About developing relationships, working together, promoting communication lines, sharing, co-operating and networking with others.
Employing a Bookkeeper
Why do OOSH centres need a book keeper? This factsheet outlines the tasks and responsibilities of the bookkeeper.
Record Keeping (updated Oct 2015)
Many records must be kept for legal purposes, whilst others are kept as part of good business practice. This Factsheet is a guide to the essential records that need to be kept by an OOSH service, and for how long.
Insurance in the OOSH Centre
Explains the various kinds of insurance that are required when running an OOSH service.


Tax basics for non-profit organisations 
This publication explains which taxes and concessions affect non-profit organisations and directs you to where you can find more detailed information. Every non-profit group can use this guide to ensure they are claiming any possible tax benefits. This publication is important for anyone who is in the position of treasurer, office bearer or employee involved in the administration of a non-profit organisation.
Tax basics for non for profit organisations