Management of an OOSH Service

Modern Award Information

All employers and employees are responsible for keeping up-to-date with the modern awards, any associated transitional arrangements, and future changes, for example, to the annual minimum wage.

Visit for updates.

​Pay rates can also be downloaded and checked using the pay calculator on the Fair Work website

Management Matters

Network offers publications, training, and one-on-one support for persons in management or control of OOSH Services. See our membership offerings or contact us on for more information.

We have a series of factsheets on all aspects of managing an OOSH Service that are freely accessible to our members.
If you are a parent in management or control of an OOSH Service that is a Network Member, contact us for support in accessing this information.

Department of Education School Infrastructure/Asset Management Unit Licence Agreement

The latest versions of the the DEC/AMU Licence agreements can be downloaded here. These are the most up to date versions recently released to Network of Community Activities. These are for services operating in public school grounds who share facilities or operate in facilities owned by the department.

Please read these along with other relevant documents including the over arching policy Community Use of School Facilities.

If you have any concerns regarding your licence agreement or tender process, please contact network on network@networkofcommunity or (02) 9212 3244.