OOSH Educator Day 2020

Network is proud to be associated with the first NSW OOSH Educators’ Day, to be held on Wednesday 29th July 2020. It provides an occasion to take stock of all the invaluable work OOSH Educators do everyday with children and families. They are often at the centre of children’s lives, building trusting and long-term relationships with children well into adulthood. They can have a truly life-changing impact on children, acting as inspirational educators, role-models and mentors.

It’s time to give a shout out to all the great OOSH Educators for their work and to make them feel valued in the profession. 

Today Network launches a new page on the Network website dedicated to NSW OOSH Educators day which will be used to share resources & updates to help make this celebration one to remember. 

And now, more than ever before, it’s vital that we all realise OOSH Educators do far more than care for children: they are a significant contributor to a local school community.

Educators can get involved by: 

  • Organising a event on the day
  • Joining a Network virtual event
  • Being apart of the planning working party

Let’s build the momentum for this great day together and make sure it becomes an annual event. 

Pauline O’Kane
Network Of Community Activities

Find the OOSH Educator Day Video Here

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