NQS Themes that underpin a rating of Exceeding

The following three themes must be demonstrated in service practice for a standard to be rated as Exceeding NQS:

Theme 1: Practice is embedded in service operations

This theme means that high quality practice is usual practice & is demonstrated consistently and frequently across the service. All Educators have a clear understanding of each element and how this plays out in practice.

Theme 2: Practice is informed by critical reflection

Educators practice is informed by critical reflection, educators are encouraged to question, analyse and re-evaluate. They are constantly working in a culture of self-improvement and issues they raise are documented and acted upon.

Theme 3: Practice is shaped by meaningful engagement with families and/or the community

Every OOSH service is unique, as are the children, families, and community. This theme recognises that high quality practice is informed by and tailored to the unique strengths and needs of children, families and the community.