Notifying the Regulatory Authority

This page is provided to simplify making a report to the Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate (ECECD) of the NSW Department of Education.

IMPORTANT: Reports must be made within 24 hours

Step 1 – Download the appropriate form

To make a notification of a serious incident SI01 form download button


NL01 Form Download button

To make a notification of a complaint or incident (other than a serious incident)


Step 2 – Complete the form you downloaded and then scan back into your computer or device


Step 3 – Submit notification to ECECD via National Quality Agenda IT System (NQA ITS)


If you cannot submit the form online
call ECECD on 1800 619 113

Important Information

Obligations under the National Law
An approved provider must notify the Regulatory Authority of

(a) any serious incident at the service
(b) complaints alleging that –
i.the safety, health or well being of a child or children was or is compromised while at the service
ii.that this Law has been contravened.

For further information about when and what to notify please see the Guide to the National Law and National Regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions

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