Management Matters – How to navigate an AGM

How to navigate an AGM

Well run AGMs make for successful organisations….

It is a legal requirement for incorporated Out of School Hour Services to hold an AGM each year however, an AGM should not be seen as a challenge, on the contrary, they can be a very powerful way for services to communicate with members.

Here are ten tips to help make your AGM’s easier to organise and well attended:

  • Give members plenty of notice – remember working families are time poor, schedule your AGM at a time that is convenient to your families. Communicate the date regularly to members, using a variety of methods….  It doesn’t hurt to set the expectation throughout the year & on enrolment that attendance at the AGM is “compulsory”.  Notice of the AGM must be given not less than 14 days before the date set for the meeting. However, notice of any special resolution to be discussed at the meeting must be given to members not less than 21 days before the AGM.
  • Succession planning – don’t just wait until the AGM to seek nominations for the committee, especially for the key leadership roles.  Throughout the year continually look for the next committee members, talk to them early about the role and if need be get them any training they will need.  Confirm which of the current members and office bearers (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer) will be re-nominating for the coming year and who will be retiring. Check your constitution to see if anybody is ineligible to stand for a position on the committee. If there are vacancies, make sure that you have approached people who are willing to fill them and remember that there may be people who come forward at the meeting itself. Most importantly, try to ensure that you have enough nominations to fill the available positions.
  • Thinks about the venue and if in the OOSH facility makes sure it is comfortable with adult size furniture. Make it warm & inviting and don’t forget about refreshments, childcare for children etc.…
  • Preparing financial statements takes time – A primary obligation for committees is to present the annual financial statements to members at AGM’s. Think about the services employee provisions and any contingency planning for the future, replacement of equipment, building projects, modifications etc.…if you have substantial funds in the organisations bank account, what ideas do you have for expenditure… The service should have monthly financial reports to committee so that the committee is aware of the current financial status and this makes it easier to prepare financial statements at the end of the year.
  • Understand the Services Constitution – a copy should be available at the meeting to refer to. The services constitution will include how much notice the service needs to provide to members of the meeting, what information is to be provided to members, what defines a meeting quorum and voting rules.
  • Presidents Report to members – This can be a great opportunity to showcase the valuable work of the service. This needs some thought and should be prepared in advance. The whole committee and staff can contribute ideas for inclusion.
  • Special Resolutions – if you are proposing to change the service constitution, then you have to make sure that you provide to members the exact wording of the proposed change, which is to be voted on as well as the purpose of the resolution.  Remember special resolutions require at least a 75% of member present to vote in favour of the motion for it to pass.
  • Returning officer –Think of someone independent in your community to act in the role… The role of a returning officer is to manage, in its entirety, the election of the committee. A returning officer should not be a candidate for any position being contested in an election. A returning officer cannot be seen to have any affiliation with or show support to any proposed committee member. The integrity of an election relies on the ability and complete impartiality of the returning officer
  • On the day Get there early to set up the room, be there to meet & greet new members…It is amazing how first impressions count.

  • Welcome by chairperson
  • Apologies
  • Confirmation of minutes of the previous AGM
  • Business arising from the previous minutes
  • Chairperson’s report – written and a verbal summary of the previous years activities
  • Nominated Supervisor/Coordinator Report – written and a verbal summary of the previous years activities
  • Treasurer’s report and presentation of audited financial statement
  • Election of Management Committee members for the coming year
  • Special resolutions (if any)
  • General business
  • Guest speaker (if any)
  • Date of next meeting (if known)
  • Close















This resource has been produced by Network of Community Activities using funding provided
by the NSW Department of Education Sector Development Grants Program.