Quality Ratings in OOSH

Quality Matters – Our priority is to help you to improve your quality rating

What quality means to your service will be very individual. Everyone’s idea of quality will be slightly different and therefore each service’s quality journey will be unique. 

School age children want engaging places to spend their time out of school. Parents/carers want to know their children are offered a range of activities based on children’s individual needs. OOSH services are no longer a luxury for families, but a necessity and children can spend significant amounts of time in OOSH and therefore a services quality rating does matter. Schools also want to be proud of their service’s quality rating.

Network was extremely pleased to receive funding from the NSW Department of Education to help services rated “Working Towards” with their quality journey and communicate their quality rating.

Network would really like to see all OOSH services hold a rating of meeting or above.

This project aims to help you think about your quality rating and strive for improvement. 

This project is broken down into 4 parts:

  • Building an awareness of quality via social media & E-Newsletters sharing quality insights
  • Fact sheets on quality
  • Free webinars covering a range of topics. 
  • Quality workbook

We encourage all services currently rated as “Working Towards to take part”

Sign Up Today:

Email: network@networkofcommunityactitivites.org.au

Social media – Quality Ratings Initiative Campaign

Thought provoking post to get you thinking about aspects of your quality. Encourage Educators to join our Facebook  page and Instagram.

Look out for E newsletters on Quality

Webinar Series
14 free webinars to get your team talking about quality and make an action plan for improvement.

Quality Workbook
A quality companion workbook to help with your quality journey. It will be full of information and activities to help guide quality practices.