Harbord Public School OOSH Director

Position Description:

Position Title: Director
Position Type: Full Time – 38 hours per week onsite
Location: Harbord Public School, Oliver St, Freshwater NSW
Answerable to: Harbord Public School P&C

  • Consent to act as Nominated Supervisor
  • Accredited Child Protection Training consistent with ACECQA approved courses
  • Current accredited First Aid, Anaphylaxis and Asthma Management Training consistent with ACECQA approved courses
  • Working with Children Check
  • No prior convictions under the Children (Education and Care Services) Act 2010, nor conviction relating to children or violence.
  • Diploma/Degree in Early Childhood or a Certificate IV in outside school hours care
  • Minimum of 12 months experience working as a director or assistant director or other leadership role
  • Previous leadership role within a large centre
  • Active, clean drivers’ licence
  • Current wwcc and national police check
  • Strong leadership qualities and the ability to run the service autonomously
  • Strong problem solving and trouble shooting skills
  • A sound understanding of the National Quality Framework and National Education and Care Services Regulations 2012 and the My Time Our Place Framework
  • Have a desire to create a positive and collaborative environment for all educators, children and families

Demonstrated understanding of financial and administrative functions of the service

Award / Agreement: Children’s Services Award 2010 –
On Commencement: in line with market rates, experience and qualifications


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Position Summary

As the Director you are responsible for the overall operation of Harbord OOSH. You will guide and support a team of Educators to provide the highest standard of education and care to children.

You will:

  • Manage all aspects of day-to-day operations
  • Ensure compliance with the Children (Education and Care Services) National Law and Regulations
  • Build and maintain positive relationships with Harbord P&C and the OOSH sub-committee
  • Maintain a positive working relationship with Educators and other OOSH Staff
  • Develop and maintain relationships with families and stakeholders
  • Embed best practice policies and procedures
  • Maintain a quality improvement plan that aims to exceed the National Quality Standard
  • Fulfill the philosophy of Harbord OOSH and the objectives of the Harbord Public School P&C Association (“P&C”)
  • Liaise with key stakeholders as needed, including OOSH subcommittee members and the Principle of Harbord Public School


National Quality Framework and Family Assistance Law
The Director will:

  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the Service.
  • Ensure implementation of and compliance with the National Quality Framework, which encompasses the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations, the National Quality Standard, the Framework for School Age Care – My Time, Our Place, and the Assessment and Rating process.
  • Ensure compliance with the Child Care Provider Handbook and all aspects of Family Assistance Law pertaining to Harbord OOSH
  • Consent to act as a Nominated Supervisor of the Service.
  • Ensure a Responsible Person is on site at all times
  • Report to the P&C (including the OOSH Subcommittee, Executive, and from time-to-time, members) on the operation of the Service and on any delegated duties.
  • Build and maintain good working relationships with the P&C, OOSH sub-committee members and the executive staff of Harbord Public School

Staff Management:

  • Supervise educators, staff, volunteers and students on placement/trainees.
  • Ensure there are procedures in place for a Responsible Person to be placed in day-to-day charge of the Service when the Centre Director is not on site or available. Delegate tasks where appropriate, maintaining a close working relationship with those staff to whom tasks are delegated (in particular, Assistant Director and Educational Leader, or other comparable senior staff).
  • Maintain a clear record of delegations.
  • Plan rosters carefully, ensuring that ratios and adequate supervision are maintained and that minimum levels of accredited training are fulfilled.
  • Develop and maintain strategies to effectively support staff working from home (as appropriate).
  • Ensure all staff use Deputy to log on and off for their shifts at all times
  • Interview and recommend the appointment of new staff in consultation with the appointed representatives of the P&C (Office-bearer or delegate).
  • Ensure all educators and staff are aware of their responsibilities under the National Quality Framework and always have access to the National Law and Regulations.
  • Ensure all educators and staff are provided with a current Job Description, induction documents, code of conduct and privacy policy.
  • Follow Working with Children Check procedures for educators, volunteers, students and other staff who may have direct contact with the children.
  • Ensure staff records/personnel files are established and maintained.
  • Implement specified conflict resolution and problem-solving techniques where necessary.
  • Ensure annual performance reviews are conducted for all permanent educators and individual training and development plans are created and maintained.
  • Recommend professional development or training opportunities for educators as appropriate.
  • Effectively delegate duties to team members as appropriate.
  • Convene regular staff meetings and provide P&C with minutes as required.

Work, Health & Safety: 

  • Ensure effective and compliant Work, Health & Safety Policies and Procedures are in place.
  • Ensure that all relevant policies and procedures are understood by all staff and complied with.
  • Act with diligence with regards to the diverse spaces utilised within the grounds of Harbord Public School, and act to ensure their safety for children, staff and visitors to OOSH.
  • Report identified risks and work to rectify issues.
  • Communicate effectively with the school regarding any risks in the physical environment that should be rectified by the Department of Education under the License Agreement.
  • Ensure the emergency and evacuation procedures are maintained and rehearsed in accordance with the National Regulations (Regulation 97).
  • Respond appropriately to accidents or emergencies and ensure First Aid is applied as necessary, ensuring all treatments are recorded and the family and or Regulatory Authority is notified accordingly.


  • Work with key educators to ensure all aspects of the Service’s educational program are developed with reference to the Quality Framework and the needs and interests of children and families.
  • Provide educators with guidance, written instruction and resources to develop, plan and implement quality programs for children that meet their physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs, and which comply with the Framework for School Age Care – My Time Our Place.
  • Ensure that processes are in place to comply with the requirements of the National Regulations in relation to educational program and practice (Regulation 73-76).
  • Utilise appropriate practices to meet each child’s needs, having regard to:
    • the views of children and families at the Service;
    • the views and practices of stakeholders (including Harbord Public School, other services operated by the P&C;
    • advice provided by specialist advisors assisting families (where applicable);
    • children with additional needs (and the families of these children); and
    • the religious, cultural and linguistic requirements of the children and families.
  • Ensure the program is monitored and evaluated on a regular basis by the educators in consultation with children, families, the P&C OOSH Subcommittee and the P&C Office-bearers (as the Approved Provider). Ensure that observations, reflections and evaluations are documented.
  • Ensure that the written program is displayed at a place accessible to parents and that a copy is available on request.
  • Ensure that appropriate program resources are maintained and budgeted for.


  • Build positive relationships with other educators.
  • Work as a member of the team.
  • Be flexible and work in a cooperative manner to ensure efficient operation of the service and maintain a high level of staff morale.
  • Co-operate and work collaboratively with families, ensuring regular communication regarding the care and specific needs of their children, and ensuring that families feel comfortable and encouraged to become involved in the Service.
  • Attend social/community events as required (for example, P&C or school events).
  • Convey information regarding the service and its policies accurately to families and members of the public.
  • Respond to all enquiries, providing accurate information and appropriate referrals in a friendly and courteous manner, and always promote a positive image of the Service.


  • Foster a rich play environment consistent with the Framework for School Age Care – My Time, Our Place.
  • Assist in creating a warm, caring environment for all children attending the Service.
  • Be actively involved with children in activities wherever possible.
  • Be aware of children’s needs and abilities and meet these in a manner that is appropriate.
  • Be confident in providing personal care requirements and to assist in all areas of inclusion support to high needs children who attend the service.
  • Actively supervise the children and instruct children in the appropriate use of equipment.
  • Take ultimate responsibility for the safety and hygiene of children within the Service’s environment, including ensuring appropriate cleaning and food handling practices.
  • Create a collaborative and caring environment for the children.
  • Educate children through modelling and the demonstration of appropriate behaviours.
  • Actively involve children in the continual development and evaluation of the program and ensure a suitable variety of activities to cater for all varying developmental needs of children are provided.
  • Maintain, and consistently implement the behaviour management policies and plans.
  • Provide feedback to parents regarding their child’s/children’s participation at the service.
  • Fulfil duties associated with mandatory reporting guidelines in line with Child Protection legislation and the service’s child protection and child safe policies.


  • Work closely with the Treasurer and/or bookkeeper (or equivalent) to ensure budgets are well-informed and built on reasonable assumptions.
  • Regularly inform the P&C OOSH Subcommittee of trends or events that may impact revenue, such as attendance information.
  • Take all reasonable steps to monitor expenditure and maintain it in line with budget, particularly by maintaining staffing at agreed ratios.
  • Ensure that appropriate approvals are gained from the P&C and/or the OOSH Subcommittee for extraordinary expenses or where expenses exceed budgeted amounts.
  • Work closely with the bookkeeper (or equivalent) to ensure educators’ wages are accurately processed.
  • Maintain an up-to-date understanding of employment laws and best practice as they pertain to employees at Harbord OOSH.
  • Provide knowledge and guidance to the P&C (OOSH Subcommittee or Office-Bearers) and bookkeeper (if applicable) with regards to staff classifications, conditions and terms of employment, making recommendations where appropriate.

Relationship with the Harbord Public School P&C Association (“P&C”) (Approved Provider):

  • Follow any applicable guides to report information to the P&C including:
    • The P&C Constitution and By Laws
    • The Staff Handbook or Other Induction Document(s)
    • Any other reporting framework established by the P&C (Executive or OOSH Subcommittee).
  • Communicate significant delegation of tasks to the OOSH Subcommittee, and if appropriate, the P&C Office-Bearers as befitting of your leadership role in the Service.
  • Ensure the centre and its staff is compliant with the conditions of our licence agreement at all times
  • Attend meetings of the OOSH Subcommittee and/or P&C Association as requested.
  • Undertake any other duties as determined by the Office Bearers of the P&C Association (persons with management or control as per the Education and Care Services National Law).