Establishing an OOSH Centre

Establishing an OOSH Centre

This page is specifically designed for those who are exploring the possibility of establishing a new Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service in NSW.

There are links to relevant government organisations, current legislation, becoming an approved provider for Child Care Subsidy (CCS) purposes and a sample survey to distribute to potential users of the service.

If you have any further questions, please contact the Resource & Support Team at Network after you have read this information and made enquiries to the relevant organisations.

Looking for hands-on assistance in setting up an OOSH centre?

Network can help!

Please email for expressions of interest in this service.

We strongly recommend that you carefully consider the information provided in the free package and undertake initial investigations before applying for support.

Network Resources about Establishing an OOSH Service

Network Guide to Setting Up an OOSH

National Legislation and Regulations 

Survey to establish the need for Outside School Hours Care” 

Information on Becoming an Approved OSHC Service Provider

If you wish to operate an OSHC service you must become an approved provider through the Australian Children’s Education & Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

More information here >>

Also visit ACECQA regarding approval forms.

 Online Application for Child Care Subsidy Approval

If you are seeking Child Care Subsidy (CCS) approval, go to the link below to find information and the required forms.

CCS information and forms >>

Navigating the NQF

Network of Community Activities has prepared this document to assist Outside School Care Services in NSW to complete the Provider Approval, Service Approval, Certified Supervisor and Declaration of Fitness and Propriety forms required by the Department of Education  – the Regulatory Authority.

Please Note: the Regulatory Authority has approved the information in this document. This guide comprises the questions asked in the Applications, a comment column which explains how to answer the questions and a Checklist of the documentary evidence required to be submitted with the Application.

Download the Guide >>