Essential resources to help you transition to the “NEW” CCS (Childcare Subsidy)

The following resource sheets are essential reading for all key staff and management (including members of management, parent management committees. owner operators, P&C committees) overseeing the services transition to CCS

  • PRODA & Key personnel this resource sheet details who in the organisation needs to register for PRODA to access the new Child Care Subsidy System.
  • Provider Digital Access Resource sheet

This resource sheet informs key personal how to set up PRODA account and details information you will need to have to hand for identification purposes. Make sure you note password and keep this safe. All key personnel should have now set up a PRODA account by now including the relevant people in management and control of the service. A PRODA account is essential for service to transition to the CCSS.

  • Persons with Management or Control of the Provider

There is a fact sheet to explain which service staff will need a PRODA account. It also details any person who has, or will have; management or control of the Provider needs to register. This is usually anyone who participates directly or indirectly in the decision-making or management of the Provider (the legal entity) that operates the childcare service/s. The determination of which person /people this should be is a decision of the Provider. It depends on the size of the Provider; this might be a single person, or more than one. (Network is seeking further clarity about PMC orgs.)