Early Childhood, Education & Care Directorate restructure (ECECD)

ECECD also known as the NSW Regulatory Authority has undertaken a significant re-structure which is now complete.

In essence the regions have been reduced from 11 to 6 and are now called Hubs.

Each Hub has a Hub Manager who oversees a team of field officers who will complete A&R within services.

The new structure will allow for more flexibility in terms of the A&R process. There is also a new communications team within ECECD which will be providing regular updates to services and the new website will be launched shortly.


Shellye Hanson Director
Sherylee Dawe Manager Statewide Network – Central (team 1)
Kathy Langley Hub Co-ordinator (Team A)
Kim Hoskin Hub Co-ordinator (Team B)
Vacant Manager Statewide Network – Central (Team 2)
Carl Salau Hub Co-ordinator (Team C)
Alicia Burk Hub Co-ordinator (Team D)
Tracey Sell Manager Hub Operations (Team 1)
Jackie Kelly Manage Hub Operations (Team2)