Collection of children from OOSH

OOSH services are required to have a policy that clearly sets out the arrangements for the collecting children. The national Education & Care Laws & Regulations state that a child may only be collected from an OOSH service by a parent or authorised person.

At the start of a new year it is important to check enrolment forms and check the details of persons authorised to collect a child, the form should include details of the person’s full name, residential address, telephone number and relationship to the child.

If there is a court order in place certain people or a parent may be prevented from collecting or having access to a child. Examples of such Court Orders include Family Court orders, family violence-related orders, child protection orders and bail orders. All Educators will need to be aware when these are in place.

All court orders should be copied and kept with the child’s records and steps taken to ensure there are processes in place should an unauthorised person turn up to collect a child…. As court orders can be amended from time to time it is important to check periodically that the information is up to date.

OOSH services should have a proof of identity procedure in place, this could be as simple as checking a driver’s licence, to ensure only authorised persons are permitted to collect a child. If an unauthorised person presents to collect a child, the child’s parent (or if a parent is unavailable, an authorised person) should be immediately informed and authorisation for that person to collect the child obtained if appropriate.

The beginning of the year is a good time to discuss this issue at team meetings to ensure everyone has a clear understanding of the requirements…