Fact Sheets

Factsheet – Inappropriate Contact Between Children

It is the responsibility of all Educators to provide a child safe environment for children and it is important that they are all aware of how to respond when inappropriate contact is witnessed between children at the Centre.

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Factsheet – Role of NSW Ombudsman

This fact sheet provides a summary of what is and is not reportable conduct, what needs to be reported to the NSW Ombudsman and what happens when a reportable allegation is made.

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Child Protection Flow Chart

Network has produced a flow-chart to assist services when dealing with potential child protection matters.

The chart provides a collection of simple questions with directions as to what step to take depending on the answers given to each question.

It is suggested that services present the flow chart at their next staff meeting and place a copy in an easy to access location.

A copy can be downloaded here for local printing.

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Fact Sheet – Appropriate Physical Contact In OOSH

There will be times when physical contact with children is necessary at your OOSH Centre, find out what is appropriate.

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Fact Sheet – Guidance for Safe Working Practice in OOSH Centres

All staff, whether paid or voluntary, have a duty to keep young people safe and to protect them from physical and emotional harm.
This duty is in part exercised through the development of respectful, caring and professional relationships between staff and children.

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Sexual Grooming Fact sheet

This fact sheet provides information on grooming and how to protect children from sexual harm.

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Information to consider obtaining when making a Risk of Significant Harm Report

This fact sheet includes a list of the kind of information that may be useful when making a report.

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This resource has been produced by Network of Community Activities using funding provided
by the NSW Department of Education Sector Development Grants Program.