Child Protection Questionnaire

If this is your first time on this page, here’s a bit of information:

  • Everyone is welcome to take the test. It is free and open to anyone who is interested in child protection.
  • The test covers child protection, mandatory reporting, reportable conduct and working with child check related questions.
  • By taking the test you experience an interesting way of checking what you know and finding answers to those things you may not.
  • Most people finish test in around 10 minutes.
  • Don’t worry about getting a wrong answer. You will be shown the correct answer AND you can take the test again if you wish.
  • For those completing the test you will be able to download a personalised certification of completion.


Ways services may wish to use the test:

  • Get all your existing staff to take the test. This way you can be be assured your staff have a similar minimum level of understanding of the issues.
  • Management and management committee members can take the questionnaire to familiarise or re-familiarise themselves with their responsibilities.
  • Use it as a pre-employment screening tool.
  • Get all your new staff to take it so they are given a quick and simple update on basic information about child protection and reportable conduct matters.
  • Use it to help with pre-employment screening. Put the link in your positions vacant advertisements to help applicants better understand their areas of responsibility.

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dec_clic_web3This resource has been produced by Network of Community Activities using funding provided
by the NSW Department of Education Sector Development Grants Program.