Chapter 16A Letter Templates

  • Do you have concerns for the welfare or wellbeing of a child?
  • Do you need to obtain information about a child from another agency or service?
  • Have you been asked for information by another service or agency?
  • Are you concerned about a child but haven’t been approached about your concerns?
  • Have you been concerned about breaching privacy laws or regulations when these issues arise?

Chapter 16A,  Section 245A of the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998, was especially implemented to address these concerns.

When you hold concerns about the welfare or wellbeing of a child, even if you are not going to make a risk of serious harm report, Chapter 16A allows you to make enquiries and seek information from, and to provide information to, another agency about these concerns.

The aim of the Chapter is to make it easier for service to help and assist children and their families while providing protection from complaints about breaching privacy.

A short fact sheet is available from FACS here and a longer, more detailed document, is available from FACS here.

Remember, if you have any questions about this or any other child protection or reportable conduct matter call Network on 02 9212 32 44 and ask for the child protection project officer or send an email to:

 Letter Requesting Information Under Chapter 16A >>
This template is for when you are seeking information from another service or agency.
 Responding to a Request for Information Under Chapter 16A >>
This template is for when you are responding to a request for information made by another service or agency.
 Letter Providing Information Under Chapter 16A >>
This template is for when you hold concerns about a child and wish to provide that information to another service or agency. In these instances the other agency does not need to make a request and may not even know you have relevant information .


Should you have any suggestions for additional material, or would like to suggest changes or additions to the available material or if you wish to seek assistance with issues in relation to child protection or reportable workplace contact matters, please contact the child protection project officer:
email: or phone: 02 9212 32 44

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