Child Protection Training – why is it so important

OOSH Educators have an important role to play in child protection. This lies not only in the detection and reporting of possible cases of child abuse but also in contributing to the ongoing support and monitoring of the abused child. Their role can only be properly carried out if Educators are equipped with the relevant skills, appropriate in-service training.  The National Education & Care Laws require anyone who is going to be left in charge of a service (Responsible Person) has the Child Protection accredited unit of competency….


CP training for everyone

Child protect training does not stop with Responsible People (RP) though and it is equally important that all staff have some form of child protection training…You never know when a situation will arise where an Educator has to make a report or is concerned about a child… Having a good understanding of what to look out for or when to be concerned for a child is essential for all Educators…The more people with a good understanding of Child protection makes not only for a quality service but for a good society… So why not make it a goal for all Educators to be trained in Child protection.


How Can Network help?

Network’s offers Child Protection courses that are explicitly developed for the OOSH sector… All training content draws on OOSH specific case studies relevant to the OOSH context…. Training is done face-to-face allowing for in dept. discussion. Network is also happy to come to your service as part of our customised training programme…. Take a look at our Professional Learning Calendar  or complete the Customised Training request form.