Child Protection Training Requirements

Nominated supervisors and responsible persons left in day-to-day charge are required to have completed the child protection courses approved by the NSW Regulatory Authority (s162A Education and Care Services National Law). In-house or non-accredited training is not sufficient.

Approved courses:

  • CHCPRT001 – Identify and respond to children and young people at risk
  • CHCPRT002 – Support the rights and safety of children and young people


Child protection training and knowledge requirements: 

  • Ensure that every nominated supervisor and every person in day-to-day charge has: successfully completed approved child protection training (S162A); plus keep evidence on aware of current child protection law (R84);
  • Understands how to apply child protection law within their service (R84);
  • Is aware of their obligations under that Law, such as the responsibilities of a mandatory reporter. (R84)

Ensure that all staff members who work with children have been advised of:

  • The existence and application of the current child protection law (R84);
  • Any obligations that they may have under the law (R84);

Ensure that the service has:

Policies and procedures in place relating to the provision a child safe environment (R168 (2)(h) and that policies have been updated to reference child story – see sample on MEMBERS section of the Network website.

  • National Quality Standard Considerations for service: –
    • Does the service’s Quality Improvement Plan (QIP) provide a focus point for high quality child protection practice within the service?
    • Does the service have a child protection policy and ensure all policies and procedures are active and regularly reviewed?
    • Do all staff members feel confident to follow the child protection policy and procedure?
    • Is child protection a standard agenda item at staff meetings?
    • Do educators participate in child protection learning activities, discussions, and webinars?
    • Is child protection information readily available to staff members and families?
    • Are families aware that staff members are mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse and neglect to government authorities?
    • Does the service have a Code of Conduct, and ensure all educators practice appropriate interactions with children (R155)?

Resources and related links:

NSW Family and Community Services

In NSW, the responsible agency for child protection is NSW Family and Community Services. For further information about child protection responsibilities, contact the

NSW Child Protection Helpline (24/7) – PH: 132 111, or visit