Child Protection Policy Update

Don’t forget to orientate Educators to the newish Mandatory Reporter Guide (MRG), which is now located on the ChildStory Reporter website.

It has been moved from the Keep Them Safe website and the ChildStory website is now the “go to” website for everything related to child protection…

The MRG has improved in design, and there is growing-body of resources to help you respond to any child protection concerns. The ChildStory Reporter Website will continue to evolve and currently includes a number of video’s and resources to share with staff. It will provide mandatory reporters with a single location to:

  • Run the MRG and directly submit the report to the Child Protection Helpline if this is the outcome
  • Access support resources
  • Access status updates on previously submitted report

There is also a phone number for educators to use should they need to discuss any concerns they may have about children – phone: 132 111

Policy Update….

Services will also need to slightly amend the services policy to incorporate these changes… Please go to the Network website (members section) to find updated template…

Please make sure all educators are aware of these changes…Educators are not required to re-do their Child Protection training.

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