Management Matters – Child Protection Obligations

Child Protection Obligations Under the National Regulations

The NSW Regulatory Authority undertakes of services to check compliance with the regulations relevant to child protection. To ensure your service is meeting it’s child protection obligations check with your Nominated Supervisor and ask to have tabled the information so you can minute it at your next committee meeting.

Here are some questions to help you ensure the service is meeting its obligations:

  • Regulation 84– Are ALL your staff (including casuals) aware of the Child Protection laws?  Do they know what there obligations are under that law? How do you ensure they know this information and can demonstrate it? Where are your polices on child protection and when were they last updated?
  • Regulation 145– Do you have an up to date WWWC for ALL staff including casuals?  Do you have a record of the staff members contact details and any qualifications or relevant training undertaken by them? Who is the designated Educational Leader?
  • Regulation 273–  The nominated supervisor and any certified supervisor left in day to day charge of the service  must have completed recognised child protection training – do you have evidence of this ?

To assist you ensure you are prepared got to the Child Safe section of the Network website which contains policy templates, useful fact sheets for orientation of all staff plus an online quiz for your team members to complete. ALL educators are mandatory reporters on child protection please ensure this is clearly stated in their information packs and orientation and they have copies of your child protection policies.

Fo more child protection fact sheets click here.

Or call us on 9212 3244 and let us know how we can help you to meet your responsibilities.

This resource has been produced by Network of Community Activities using funding provided
by the NSW Department of Education Sector Development Grants Program.