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Our qualifications are specifically designed to meet the needs of learners in the OOSH sector!

Network offers nationally recognised qualifications, which have been developed for OSHC educators, service coordinators and managers, through our Registered Training Organisation – National RTO ID: 90537

The qualifications offered are:

  • Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care CHC40113– Covering the skills and knowledge required to be an OSHC Educator –Download Information Sheet >>
  • Diploma of School Age Education and Care  CHC50213 – Covering the skills and knowledge required to be a service coordinator or to work in an OSHC service in a leadership role, such as educational leader, assistant coordinator or team leader. –Download Information Sheet >>

Here’s how to get started:

  • Read the course flyer and Student Handbook to determine which course is best for you, if your still not sure then give us a call to discuss your situation.
  • Discuss your plan to study with your work supervisor. You will need their support and sign off along the way.
  • Collect any evidence of prior studies to be considered for Credit Transfer (they should be certified copies).
  • Complete the enrolment form, ensure that you have provided all the required information and email it to us.
  • We will contact you by phone to conduct an induction call and orientation.
  • Your assessor will contact you to get you started with your first units of study.
  • Your on your way and we are here to help you succeed!
Qualification Start Dates: Anytime, Anywhere

How will you be assessed?

Through a number of Methods:

  1. We specialise in delivering these to through a Workplace Recognition Pathway. The Recognition pathway is well suited to experienced practitioners who wish to gain a qualification as it allows students to use their existing knowledge and skills to demonstrate competency against the units in the qualification.  Students compile a portfolio to demonstrate their existing skills and knowledge, such as past training courses attended, their work history and documents and examples of their current workplace activities.   Students are also assessed in the workplace on their current skills and supervisor reports are collected to confirm workplace performance.
  2. Students have the option of completing selected units through classroom-based delivery, as available through Network’s training calendar.
  3. Students will also be required to complete some assessment tasks and/or gap training to demonstrate the full range of skills and knowledge required to complete the qualification.

Important Documents

  • Unique Student Identification Number (USI) – Visit
  • Workplace Handbook – This document provides more information about the Recognition process used by Network for delivering and assessing qualifications and the role of the workplace in supporting learners enrolled with Network – Download Sample Workplace Handbook >>
  • Student Handbook – This document provides more information about completing accredited units of competency and qualifications with Network. It includes details about the assessment process, fee payment, enrolment, cancellation, learner responsibilities, complaints and appeals and the Learner Code of Conduct – Student Handbook 
  • Qualifications Enrolment Form Enrolment Form 

Entry Requirements:

Learners wishing to enrol in qualifications with Network will be required to have:

  • Experience working in a role at the level of the qualification, or equivalent
  • English language reading, writing, speaking and listening skills to enable effective communication in the workplace in a role at the level of the qualification as well as numeracy skills to complete workplace tasks at that level.
  • Cooperation of the employer of a regulated school age education and care service to support them in completing the training and assessment. This includes completing assessment requirements during the period of enrolment of the minimum required hours of workplace experience
  • Ability to complete workplace based assessment tasks during the period of enrolment, including at least the minimum number of required hours of work in a regulated school age education and care service – Certificate IV requires at least 120 hours and the Diploma requires at least 240 hours.
  • Access to children’s records, policies, procedures and workplace resources of a regulated OSHC service.
  • A Unique Student Identifier (USI) number: This can be obtained for free online in a few minutes and must be recorded on the Enrolment Form. Please refer to our USI Information Sheet above for details.

Course fees

Course Name Member price Non-Member Price
CHC40113 Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care $5,500.00 $7,500.00
CHC50213 Diploma of School Age Education and Care $7,000.00 $9,000.00
  • Member price applies to applicants currently employed at an Outside School Hours Care service with current Network Membership. Evidence of Membership must be included on enrolment.
  • Payment Plans are available for both Members and Non-members. Network does not collect more than $1,500.00 in prepaid fees from any learner/organisation. Please refer to the Payment Plans in the student handbook for the relevant qualification.
  • Payment can be made by Credit Card, Direct Debit or Cheque. Network’s Bank Account details are on the Enrolment Form.
  • Please note that these fees do not include the First Aid unit, HLTAID004 Provide an emergency first aid response in an education and care setting. A current First Aid certificate for this unit must be held at the time of completing the qualification. Learners must complete this unit with an external Registered Training Organisation at their own expense.
  • For more information please contact the Network Professional Learning and Education team on:
    Phone: 02 9212 3244 or

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I submit my assessments for marking?

If you are required to do assessments, these should be submitted by scanning and uploading them to the learner portal. There are more details about how to do this on the Network Website.

Once received on the portal your assessment will be assigned to an assessor and we aim to have a result for you within 7 working days.

You will see your results in the learner portal. You can login by the link on the website. Network Learner Portal

How and when will I get my certificate?

Once marked and deemed competent /complete any certificates will be sent within 30 days by email to the email address that you have recorded in the learner portal.

If you require urgent processing of any certificate for compliance reasons please email us advising of this

How will I communicate with Network and my Assessor?

Most communication from the administration team will be by email therefore it is essential that we have your personal or individual email, be sure to check your email every day and act quickly if you are required to provide further information.

For students studying in certificate and diploma programs your assessor will also be given your phone number, you should negotiate with your trainer when you will connect with each other for your support calls.

If you change employer, phone or email address you can login to the Learner portal and update your details.

How do I enrol for training?

           You’ll require:    

  • A USI
  • A certified copy of Photo ID

1. Enrolment for Network’s training should be done online. 

2. Ensure that you complete all information fields and provide your USI.

3. If you have provided all required information: you will receive a Confirmation email from Network and there is nothing else required.

4. If you have not provided enough information: you will receive an email asking you to provide more information. You are not enrolled in the training event at this stage.

5. Email your certified ID copy to

You will only need to do provide the information once – the second time you enrol will be much simpler.


  • The Name that you use to get your USI must match exactly with the name you provide Network. (eg. Maryanne vs Mary-Anne vs Mary Anne).
  • You are enrolling as an individual – Please use your private or individual email – organisational emails should be avoided (e.g. admin@OOSH, info@OOSH)
  • Keep your online record up to date when you move, change employers or change your phone number.

Where can I get more information?

All students should read the Student Handbook.

Where can I find about the rules and policies.

Policies and procedure documents are located  lower on this page.

How will I get my results?

You will see your results in the learner portal. You can login by the link on the website.

Once marked and deemed competent /complete any certificates or results records will be sent within 30 days by email to the email address that you have recorded in the learner portal.

Why does Network need my USI?

As an RTO, Network must report annually to the federal government about accredited training enrolments. This data including your USI are required before your course enrolment can be confirmed.

Your USI will also give you access to an online record of all of the training you have completed in Australia done since 1 January 2015. You will also be able to produce a comprehensive transcript of your training.

More information and to get your USI:

You will only need to provide your USI once to Network.

How do I withdraw from my Certificate or Diploma course?

If you would like to discuss your options the Manager of Professional Learning and Education will contact you. If you have already decided to withdraw, please check the policies and procedures area of the Network website and complete a Withdrawal form.

Terms and Conditions

  • Network makes every attempt to ensure that courses run, however we reserve the right to cancel or alter arrangements.
  • Bookings cannot be made by phone – please fill in form and return to Network with payment.
  • The registration form is also a Tax Invoice, please keep a copy.
  • Places will be allocated in order of receipt of completed registration form and payment.
  • Receipts are issued upon request.
  • Your payment will be returned if all courses booked are unavailable.
  • You will be emailed a confirmation once we have processed your registration form and payment.
  • Payments are to be made via EFT or Credit Card

Policies and Procedures

Learner Information

>>Download the Student Handbook 

>> Download  Accredited Training Learner Orientation

Course Flyers

  • Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care CHC40113Cert IV Flyer
  • Diploma of School Age Education and Care  CHC50213 – Diploma Flyer