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Have you heard about the Unique Student Identifier (USI)?

If you are a new or continuing student undertaking nationally recognised training, you need a USI in order to enrol, attend and receive your qualification or statement of attainment. As an RTO, Network (and all RTOs) must report annually to the Federal Government about accredited training enrolments. This data, including your USI, are required before your course enrolment can.
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Proposed Merger of Camp Australia with Junior Adventures Group

Network of Community Activities does not support the proposed merger between two of the largest outside school hours care providers in the country. Camp Australia (783 services) owned by Bain Capital in attempting to purchase the Junior Adventures Club known as OSHClub (263 services) and Helping Hands Network (119 services) , will hold at least 75,000 child care places and.
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Federal Minimum Wage Increase 2017

The Fair Work Commission has handed down a decision to deliver a 3.3% increase to the Federal minimum wage and Modern Awards. These rates will take effect from the first FULL pay period on or after July 1. The pay calculator is available on the Fair Work website. Stay Up To Date You can register to automatic receive.
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Anaphylaxis Update

The 3 second EpiPen® adrenaline (epinephrine) autoinjector was launched in June. It is important to note that the 3 second EpiPen® has not changed, just the label. The TGA has approved the label change, which includes: *   Reduced injection time from 10 to 3 seconds – this is based on significant research confirming the efficacy and delivery.
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