Are you software ready?

Now is the time to start talking to your software provider. Many services are moving over to electronic sign in. Discuss with your team what the service needs. Do you have children going off to extra curriculum activities? How many sign in points do you need?

The introduction of the new childcare package requires services to log children’s EXACT times of attendance and report these to back to the government.

To assist with this process many services have already made the decision to implement electronic sign in/sign out. Lots of software providers have this available for services to purchase. Others are in the process developing the additional software for this to happen. Services need to think about the numbers of children, location points for sign/in sign out, extra curricular activities. To name a few of the considerations. Contact your software provider today and start the conversation. Network would be keen to hear from services about their experiences. Read about one services experience below…

Electronic sign in – one service’s story

At Mathew Pearce OOSH we have been using an electronic sign-in system for the past 3.5 years.

The selling point for us is being able to sign 135 children in less than 10 minutes. The sign-in easily allows us to us to see what children are missing and who is absent. We are able to have one iPad at the gate for parent to sign children out without parents having to walk all the way down to the centre.

Other advantages included…

  • Educators can do head counts quick & easily,
  • Educators can advise families of any incidents, accident, emergency drill practices or
    messages about upcoming programs or bill enquiries etc.
  • Parents sign off absences without the need for staff to chase families for signatures.
  • The system automatically logs sign in and out times and who was responsible for signing
    in and out their child/ren.
  • Eliminates the need to manually mark attendances in software.

We think it’s the best program since sliced bread!

– Leah Williams, Nominated Supervisor