Are You Due for an Upgrade of Active Supervision?

115 educators undertook the Active Supervision training with us last year. Some of them gave very positive feedback such as, “through this training I reflect on the way I supervise, particularly when children are engaging in ‘risky’ play, thinking more about the risk vs. benefit rather than just shutting the activities down.”

This is an effective strategy to promote the National Quality Standard (NQS) of children’s wellbeing and safety learning, which can be implemented in a wide range of scopes as an integrated attempt to ensure safe and responsive environments for all children from families as a tool to use at home to classrooms, child care, play grounds, and buses.

Adequate supervision of Children means ACTIVE supervision. Through completing this training, as educators working in OOSH services, you will be equipped with necessary skills in three dimensions of aptitudes: knowledge, vigilance, and empowerment.

You will be:

  • Knowledgeable about the understanding of each child’s abilities and skill levels; the clear and simple rules and boundaries that are known to all children and are consistently applied by adults; and the environment hazards and risk assessment needed to be conducted by adults.
  • Vigilant in positioning yourselves in strategic positions where you can supervise the children; scanning for potential safety hazards and knowing what potential risks may present in the environment; and circulating around the children’s play areas.
  • Empowered to teach children the appropriate and safe use of equipment when intro
    ducing new equipment, to support children in determining safe and unsafe practices and informally discuss the potential consequences of unsafe practices with children; and to encourage children to remind each other of the safety uses of equipment and let adults know if any concerns emerge.

This is basically useful for all adults working with children in various contexts. Are you due for an upgrade? One of the trainees with years of experience could even gain extremely valuable inputs from the training, said, “With 12 years experience I implement most strategies already in my classroom and VC, but it was a great reminder of the tragedies that can occur from lack of supervision.”

Be quick! Choose the schedule and location that suit you best and enrol (click here) to this course immediately. Limited seats are filled up fast!

Friday, 11 May 2018 (Parramatta, NSW) – 6 seats remaining

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 (Ultimo, NSW) – 7 seats remaining



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