Annual Service Fees Reminder

Annual service Fees are due on June 1st… which is fast approaching. It is important that services ensure these fees are paid on time other wise the service could be operating illegally.  A reminder will be sent to services shortly – so please ensure that the NSW regulatory authority has your most up to date contact details. Network supported a number of services that omitted to pay these fees last year which caused the service staff a great deal of undue stress. See fee schedule below:

Indexed fees for 2017-18 financial years

Transaction and Section of the Law Centre-based service

(Number of approved places or places to be offered)

Family day care

(Number of educators engaged by or registered with service)

(24 or less)
(25 to 80)
(81 or more)
(5 or less)
(6 to 20)
(21 or more)
Annual service fees  (s53)   $200   $301  $399   $200   $301 $399


Contact Early Childhood Education Directorate (ECECD) if you do not receive your invoice.

Phone:1800 619 113