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Solutions posed to ease before and after school care waiting lists in Eastwood

Kate Bastians
Northern District Times
September 30, 2014


More attention needed for before and after-school care: National Foundation for Australian Women

Judith Ireland
Sydney Morning Herald
September 9, 2014


Northern beaches schools are seeing an increasing demand for after school care

Julie Cross
Manly Daily
August 11, 2014


Parents using teachers as babysitters

Alexandra Smith
Sydney Morning Herald
July 27, 2014


System is Failing our Children

Sydney Morning Herald
July 7, 2014


Principals cash in on after-school care

Alexandra Smith and Amy McNeilage
Sydney Morning Herald
July 3, 2014


After school care ‘crisis’: Alliance targets NSW Government over shortage of places in Sydney

Rebecca Barrett
ABC News
April 9, 2014


Networking to promote Child Safe Culture

January 2014


Boom in demand for after hours school care

Katherine Danks
The Daily Telegraph
November 3, 2012


Podrights 19: The right for kids to play

Australian Human Rights Commission – Children’s Right to Play

Monday 21 October 2013


Government spends $450m on after hours school care

Judith Ireland and Daniel Hurst
Sydney Morning Herald
August 5, 2013


ASU supports the Rudd announcement on out of school hours care

Media Release
Australian Services Union
August 6, 2013


Increased investment in Outside School Hours Care welcomed

Media Release
Early Childhood Australia
Monday 5 August 2013


Out of hours care will help working parents: ACTU

Media Release
Australian Council of Trade Unions
05 August, 2013


Measures to improve out of school hours care

Jordanna Schriever
THE Adelaide Advertiser
July 22, 2013


System is failing our children

Sydney Morning Herald
Robyn Monro Miller
July 7, 2013


Rudd commits $450m to out-of-school care

Briana Everett
Women’s Agenda
August 05, 2013


ALP pledges $450m for school care

Ben Packam
THE Australian
August 05, 2013


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd pledges $450m to extend school-based care for working parents

Jessica Marszalek and Sarah Blake
News Limited Network
August 05, 2013


Pitch to working parents with $450m for after-hours

Patricia Karvelas
The Australian
August 06, 2013


ALP offers $450 million for child care

Nine News
3:52pm August 5, 2013


Out-of-school care available in Nundle

Alena Nickell
Northern Daily Leader
September 13, 2013


Federal Election 2013: Better Schools, Before and After

Hills News
August 7, 2013


Hidden crisis in before- and after-school care

Sydney Morning Herald
July 6, 2013


After-school care crisis hits working parents

Amy McNeilage
Sydney Morning Herald
July 1, 2013


Parents’ 3am queues for care places

Bruce McDougall
Daily Telegraph
September 24th, 2012


OSHC Employee Pleads Guilty to Sexual Abuse

It is with great sadness we advise that a former member of the OSHC profession in NSW has pleaded guilty to sexual abuse charges. The details of the charges are available on the media websites.

This is a very sad and disappointing day for our sector and we feel for the victims and their families. We also extend our compassion and support to the many others who have suffered as a result of the actions of this person.
The impact of child abuse has a ripple effect and it can create a lot of angst and sadness for other families who used the service, team mates, fellow educators and indeed for our profession.

It is important to note that the offences did not all occur at the OSHC service and the offender had close and sustained contact with children in a variety of informal setting outside of the service environment where ‘grooming behaviour’ took place prior to the committing of offences.

Many services will be faced with questions and concerns from children and families about what went wrong and what could have been done to prevent it.
Network has produced a fact sheet on sexual grooming behaviour and this is available to assist you to support staff and families in your service.

Because offenders may not enter an organisation with the explicit goal of abusing children, the focus should be on designing environments that limit the opportunities for anyone to abuse children.
The establishment of clear policy and procedures for the conduct of staff and volunteers in the service supports the maintenance of clear boundaries. The service policy should identify guidelines for staff that prevent them practicing any behaviours that may constitute ‘grooming’. A zero tolerance approach to grooming behaviours should be employed at the service. Most service polices and procedures create an environment that provides little opportunity for infiltration by a sexual abuser.

As we enter into a new period of regulations we are reminded of how important it is to have these regulations support our practice. Our child safe – child friendly policy requirement, the working with children check sand clearances and the mandatory child protection training for certified supervisors are all integral to maintaining this high standard of provision.

OSHC services are safe environments for children – we have as a sector an impeccable track record in provision of healthy and safe environments for children. Our OSHC Educators are important role models and significant people in the lives of children and we must stand proud of that reputation.

Each day Network hear inspiring stories of the wonderful contributions staff make to the lives of children and their families – stay strong in that commitment, continue to do do what we all do best providing supportive inspiring and caring environment for the children of NSW.

Download sexual grooming fact sheet for OOSH services >>

Download sexual grooming fact sheet for families >>

added: 24/08/2012

Guidelines say more play in after school care

Radio Program from the World Today
Liv Casben
March 19, 2012


Playing by the rules makes prisoners of children

Cassandra Wilkinson
The Australian
October 22, 2011


Let the children play, new national guidelines advise

Elisabeth Tarica
The Age
October 10, 2011