Monthly Archives: March 2018

Are you software ready?

Now is the time to start talking to your software provider. Many services are moving over to electronic sign in. Discuss with your team what the service needs. Do you have children going off to extra curriculum activities? How many sign in points do you need?

The introduction of the new childcare package requires services.

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During April to June 2018…

All Providers will receive a letter– you’ll need to sign for it. During April, CCB providers will receive a letter from the Department explaining what they need to do to transition all of their services to CCS. The letter contains important information needed to access the online transition form. It’s important to note that this letter has.
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What is PRODA? PRODA is a system used to allow individuals (in the case of OOSH – authorised organisation representative) to access different government services including CCSS and other services accessible via PRODA include the NDIS. Once registered, your PRODA account doesn’t expire and can be used to access multiple services from any location. Authorised.
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The New Child Care Package – here it comes…

From July 2nd, the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Cash Rebate will become a single subsidy for parents called the Child Care Subsidy. Under this new system all families will be expected to make financial contribution to their fees. There can be NO zero cost to families. The new CCS will be paid directly to government.
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