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Children’s Voices

How to gather Children’s Interests at your Centre and give them opportunities to have a “Voice” and be heard.

Some ideas
  1. Graffiti Wall - place a large sheet of paper on a wall in a central location with sticky notes and coloured pens. Invite the children to share their ideas, suggestions, questions and concerns. Maybe.
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Committee Member changes following your AGM – what are your obligations?

  • All new executive members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and the Public Officer) of the management committee need to complete: PA02 – Declaration of Fitness and Propriety (ACECQA – Educators & Providers Library- Applications & Notifications)
  • The above named committee members will also need to apply for a volunteer WWCC.
You must notify the Regulatory.
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Code of Conduct for Parents

Many services have to put in places a Code of Conduct for parents/carers using the service. A Code of Conduct set out guidance for respectful communication & ensures that everyone who visits the service is able to do so in a safe and friendly manner. It also ensures that children, Educators, and other visitors are not.
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